2021 Student cohort

Meet the 2021 student cohort

The 2021 UWB Physics REU Program is supported by NSF REU award #2050928 with additional funding from NSF, the UWB Physical Sciences Division, the UW Research Royalty Fund, and Washington NASA Space Grant.

Below you will find information about the talented students who will be working with us during  summer 2021. More information will be added soon.

Students listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Adrienne Beggs

Berea College

Mikel Charles

UW Bothell

Mentor: Dr. Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo

Cora DeFrancesco

University of Oklahoma

Andrew Evans

Sonoma State University

Mentor: Dr. Luisa T. Buchman

Beth Gallatin

South Puget Sound Community College

Wendy Garcia Naranjo

UW Bothell

Mentor: Dr. Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo

Kyle Gersbach

UW Bothell

Mentor: Dr. Joey Shapiro Key

Nathnael Kahassai

University of North Carolina

August Muller

Haverford College

Cuauhtliztac Nicholas

Green River College

Alicia Palmerin

Colgate College

Michael Parker

William & Mary

Myrla Phillippe

University of Central Florida

Kaia Smith

Scripps College

Andrea Wooley

Western Washington University

Mentor: Dr. Rachel Scherr