Physics students at research symposium June 2017

Student Research

Research is a key part of the physical sciences degree programs at UW Bothell. Students engage in meaningful, scientific exploration led by experienced faculty. Through hands-on research, students gain valuable experience and develop professional skills, both of which are valued by employers and graduate schools. The student research experience includes opportunities such as research classes, working with faculty in their labs, designing and carrying out experiments, writing scientific papers, and presenting at regional and national professional conferences. We encourage students to get involved in research early in their academic careers.

Faculty Research

Faculty in the Physical Sciences Division at UW Bothell are helping to expand our knowledge of the world. Our faculty are actively involved in cutting-edge research in a variety of areas. Student researchers also play an important role in faculty research. Students are welcome and encouraged to approach faculty individually and inquire about participating in the faculty member’s research. Many faculty and students use the results of their research to engage stakeholders, such as industry (through drug discovery, for example) and government agencies (for example, on environmental policy). 


Faculty Research Projects

Peter Anderson

Computational Modeling in Biochemistry


Computational modeling of protein structures and their non-covalent interactions with small molecules

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Erin Hill

Teaching and Learning Research: Physics Education


Examining teaching and learning methods to improve student learning

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Dan Jaffe

Atmospheric Chemistry


Jaffe Group research team in the Columbia River Gorge

Local, regional, and global sources of pollution in the Western US, with an emphasis on ozone, aerosols, and mercury

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Joey Shapiro Key

Gravitational Wave Astronomy


Joey Key and her research students

Detecting gravitational waves and characterizing the sources

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Hyung Kim

Chemistry and Biology of Metalloproteins




Spectroelectrochemistry of metalloproteins, assembly dynamics of supramolecular metalloprotein complexes, and intracellular heme trafficking

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Lori Robins



Using kinetic isotope effects and protein modifications to understand biological reactions such as DNA cleavage and thioester hydrolysis

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Eric Salathé

Regional Climate Change


Improving global climate models by focusing on regional climate change in the US Pacific Northwest

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