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The Interfaith New Student Network at UW Bothell is a community in which information, support, and resources are provided for the first-year and transfer students who self-identify as religious and spiritual students. If you also identify with this network and like to join, feel free to contact the Network Leads by emailing

There are a number of resources available in the community and at the University of Washington Bothell for religious and spiritual students. We will host a network meeting at your Advising & Orientation, and a Network Reception during Welcome Week.

Audrey TinninMeet Your Network Lead: Audrey Tinnin

Hello! My name is Audrey Tinnin and I am the Network Lead for Students Of Faith. I am a sophomore majoring in Culture, Literature, and the Arts and I am from Kennewick, Washington. As a first year student, I remember feeling nervous about transitioning to college. When I arrived, I had a hard time connecting with my community of faith. I did not know anyone when I arrived on campus, and  being able to meet other people who I can relate to, would have been helpful in my transition. As new students come to our school that hold this identity, I want them to feel welcomed. On campus, I am involved in outdoor wellness activities, where we go on hikes and trips near and around Bothell. I look forward to connecting with you in the future!


On Campus Resources:

  • Diversity Center (UW1- 173)
  • Reflection Room ( UW1-007)
  • Counseling Office (UW1-080)

Off Campus Resources: 

  • Places of Worship with in a 10 mile radius  




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Monday to Friday
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Office: UW1 Welcome Desk
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Phone: 425.352.5266
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