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Are you a first-generation student? At the University of Washington, a first generation student is defined as a student whose parents did not obtain a bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university and are the first in their immediate family to attend a college or university. Often first generation students have little or no collegiate history within their family unit. This also includes being the first in your immediate family to obtain a US citizenship. If you identify as a first-generation student, join the First-Generation New Student Network!

The First-Generation New Student Network at UW Bothell is a community in which information, support, and resources are provided for the first-year and transfer students who self-identify as first generation. There are also networks for Veterans, GBLTQ, Disabilities, and Undocumented students.  If you also identify with these networks and like to join or want information on these networks, feel free to contact the Network Leads by visiting the menu of the left.

For more information and resources, email the Network Lead for first-generation students at

Meet  Your Network Lead:

 Maritza Lauriano Ortega

Hello everyone, my name is Maritza Lauriano Ortega and I am the New Student Network Lead for first generation students. I am a sophomore here at UW Bothell, and I’m  currently thinking of declaring a major in either Environmental science or Environmental Studies. For fun I like to go out and take photos, go on walks, and sleep!

As a First Generation Student, I had a hard time fitting in at first and I would’ve loved it if there was someone there to motivate me to get more involved on campus and help me get through the hardships I went through alone in my first year. This is why I decided to take in the position as a Network for First Generation Students. I want to provide a support system for all incoming first generation students and create a safe community. My goal for this position is to create a safe space for you to come in and feel free to express your thoughts, ideas, and challenges. 


Resources A short clip of first generation students talking about the struggles they face going to an elite college - Online community for fist gen college students. Blogs, digital stories, and Q&A!

UWB First in our Families - Digital stories of first generation faculty and staff -  Financial aid and admissions fee waiver resource and scholarships - short clip of University of North Carolina’s first gen students’ story

First in the Family (PDF) - Manuscript of advice from first generation college students - Blog with Q&A for first generation students - Articles on tips, advice, definitions and “how to” on scholarships, credit cards, loans, banking, etc.

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