Low-Income Student Network


Students of Low-Income Network


The Low-Income student network at UW Bothell, provides students who identify as low-income or feel like they are low-income themselves, resources, support and community. If you are worried about tuition, financial aid, or scholarships we can help. Whether you are a first year or a transfer student, feel free to join by emailing and contacting the Network Lead at linsn@uw.edu

There are also networks for Veterans, LGBTQ, Disabilities, International students, First Generation and Students with Children. If you also identify with these networks and would like to join or want more information on these networks, feel free to contact the Network Leads by visiting the menu of the left.


Meet Your Network Lead:  Joseph Soukhaseum


My name is Joseph Soukhaseum, I go by Joe and my pronouns are he, him, his and I am the network lead for the Low Income student network. I am a first-year student here at UW Bothell and planning to major in business. I was born in Seattle and have lived in Washington my whole life; now I currently live in Everett. I am not involved in much at UW Bothell but that’s why I joined the Orientation and Transitions Programs to get involved. I am leading the low income network because I come from a low income family and I'm always worried about paying for college. In my free time I like to listen to music. I am open to a variety of music but my preferred genre is hip-hop/RnB. Next in line would be watching movies and shows. I like to binge watch on Netflix and go out to watch movies with friends. I also enjoy traveling to new countries, locations and just exploring to get some new experiences. I look forward to meeting you soon! I hope you enjoy your time here.