Orientation Leader



Hey Huskies,

I am so excited to work with you guys to make your transition into UW Bothell life smooth and enriching!

My name is Rebecca Kronblat, and I am a junior studying Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior in the school of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science. I’m from Bellevue Washington, which is where I currently reside and commute from to the Bothell campus. In the past I was an avid dancer and cheerleader so I love doing any type of performing and or expressive art, even just watching it! I am definitely a Washington girl as I find rainy weather soothing and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate and fuzzy socks in addition to the beautiful fall colors, but those few months of sun are definitely worth the wait. When the sun is out my favorite thing to do is go on little road trips around our state and see all the historic and wondrous sights Washington has to offer.

Academically, Bothell has opened so many opportunities for me and has made me fall in love with learning. I enjoy taking varied and unique classes offered on campus and working with our wonderful student body and staff to create lasting connections and empower the classroom experience. I want to help in whatever way possible to show all of Bothell’s resources and possibilities to you as new students, and follow you through this great journey.  

I hope to work with you all on making UW Bothell feel like home, and a campus that you feel comfortable and supported in.

And of course,

Go Dawgs!


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