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My name is Rachel Calder and I am a junior in the biology major. After three years of community college next door at Cascadia, I transferred to UWB with a strong appreciation for this campus. As a student from the forest-covered Snohomish, I love spending time in the outdoors. UWB incorporates nature’s beauty into learning with an on campus wetlands and food garden.


I chose UWB for its green commitment, diverse population, research opportunities, and small class sizes. The smaller class sizes allow for a more involved learning environment. I encourage all incoming freshmen to utilize your professor’s office hours to the best of your ability. Office hours gives you one on one time with your professor where you can clarify content and get to know your professor. Knowing your professor can open doors for research opportunities! I make sure I attend office hours every week.


UWB constantly has incredible speakers with challenging conversations about our society and the ways we can use our education to enrich the lives of others around us. It creates an inclusive and social learning environment! I would love to help you get involved!


I hope to see you on campus and help you transition into our diverse community!


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