COVID Prevention Plan- OTP Events




Planning considerations


Ensure event vendors and contractors are aware of the requirements for Contractors and Vendors Working on Site.

 Increase indoor venue ventilation by opening windows or maximizing fresh air/air filtration settings on HVAC systems as possible.

 Review Eating Spaces and Food Guidance, and determine if a Temporary Food Service Permit is required to serve food at event

 Other – please describe

Only outdoor events will have food and beverages.  OTP events will be for UW Bothell new students only and will require proof of vaccination for any events that allow external guests.  Vaccination status will be checked at door.  New student will also be required to complete vaccination attestation before they can attend in person events, including orientation programs.  

Designate COVID-19 Site Supervisor / Responsible Person

 Designate one person who is responsible for the implementation of this plan, approve any changes to this plan, train all personnel on this plan, and be readily available during the event to answer all concerns and questions regarding this plan.

 Allow the designated person adequate time at the event to ensure COVID-19 prevention measures are implemented.

 Ensure that the designated person has authority to address non-compliance and ask those who will not comply with applicable policies or building signage to leave.

OTP Professional Staff are responsible for implementation of the plan and is training of the team the week prior to the event date. All professional staff have authority to address non-compliance and ask those who do not comply with policies to leave.  OTP will assign a staff member for each event.  

Pre-event communications regarding policies and safety measures

Communicate the UW Vaccination Policy and the UW Face Covering Policy, safety measures, and expectations to event attendees and event staff, volunteers, vendors and contractors. All must follow instructions on building signage.

 Ensure the University’s guidelines for establishing a vaccine requirement for events are followed.  Adopting a vaccination requirement for an event is encouraged by the University and may be required by a unit or event organizer.

 Communicate requirements for self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms and that event attendees must stay home if symptomatic or if instructed to isolate or quarantine by a public health professional.

Encourage all to activate the Washington Exposure Notifications - WA Notify app prior to attending the event.

 Event staff: Ensure that event staff/contractors and volunteers are aware of the requirements for contractors and vendors working on site, including procedures for sick personnel, symptom monitoring, and reporting if a COVID-19 positive person has been at a UW location.

 Arrange for handwashing/hand hygiene, symptom monitoring, and face covering policy signage for the event.


One week prior to the event date, an email with these details and relevant links will be sent out to those who RSVP’d.  We will post out prevention plan link on all event promotions.  

Hand hygiene supplies

 Acquire hand washing or hand sanitizing stations/supplies.

 Other – please describe:

Hand sanitizer will be provided in all venues.  

Cleaning/disinfection schedule and supplies

 Identify high touch surfaces and shared items for cleaning/disinfection during the event.

 Determine cleaning and disinfection frequency of high touch surfaces and shared items during the event.

 Identify and acquire cleaning products.

 Identify and acquire  EPA-registered disinfectants approved for use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and paper towels, and/or disposable disinfectant wipes

 Ensure venue is cleaned by building custodians before and after the event.

Clorox wipes will be provided to wipe down reusable supplies. Surfaces will have be wiped down before event.

Prevent people with COVID-19 symptoms from coming to event

Post signage at entrances notifying event attendees, staff, volunteers, contractors and vendors that they cannot enter the event if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 infection (regardless of vaccination status) or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine.

Remind UW staff and faculty that they must conduct daily self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms before entering a UW location.

Signs will be posted at events.  If someone appears to have symptoms in line with COVID 19 symptoms, they will be asked to leave the event.

Communicate face covering policy

Post signage at entrances notifying event attendees staff, volunteers, contractors and vendors of the requirements of the UW Face Covering Policy.

 Have extra face coverings available for those who need or want them.

Disposable masks will be provided at events.

Support good hand hygiene





Provide handwashing stations and/or hand sanitizer, and post handwashing/hand hygiene signage.  

 Ask event staff, volunteers and contractors to wash/sanitize hands upon arrival and regularly during event.

Encourage event attendees to wash/sanitize hands (as applicable).

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided.  Reminders will be announced before and throughout the event.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and high-touch points

 Clean and disinfect shared items and high-touch points regularly during the event.

 Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label for the cleaners and disinfectants used.

Staff will regularly clean check-in locations and use hand sanizer between contact with particpants or handeling things given to staff by particpants.

Agreement of event organizer and venue operator

 Event organizer and venue operator discuss this plan.

 Event organizer and venue operator agree upon the stated prevention measures included in this plan.

Pre-event meetings will happen with event venue to ensure protocols are followed and agreed on.