Marwa Alwattar

Marwa AlwattarMy name is Marwa Alwattar and I am double majoring in Accounting and Finance. I will be a senior starting Autumn 2019. I am planning to get my CPA right after graduation, which means I will be here at UWB for two more years.

I am from Iraq originally, but I lived in Syria for almost 9 years. I have been in the US for about 5 years. I visited Turkey a while ago and I liked how the culture there is similar to my culture and how it is mixed with the West culture. I love Washington, I even enjoy the rain here.

I am a member of Beta Alpha Psi, which is a really great resource for Accounting students here at UWB. Also, I am a member of MSA. There are so many clubs here that I would like to join, such as the Yoga club, but with school and work schedule it is hard to get extra free time.

I chose UWB because it is perfect for me. I like being in small classes, to be able to get involved with students and build professional relationships with them and the professors. Also, I love the diversity this school has. I’ve met students from different backgrounds and I really enjoyed learning about their beautiful cultures. There are so many events here at UWB throughout the year and especially during Spring quarter.

One last thing about me is that I want to have my own non-profit organization in the future to support and help poor children around the world. I love children and I want them all to live their childhood, to have dreams and to enjoy their life. Unfortunately, this is not happening in some places in the world due to wars or financial reasons.

Please feel free to say hi, or we can have a coffee chat meeting and talk about school or anything you would like to know!