Hank Kilmer

Hank KilmerHey Huskies,

My name is Hank Kilmer and I’ll be one of your PAC Coaches. I will be a senior this Fall quarter and I am majoring in Science, Technology, and Society. I hope to either go into either the tech industry, environmental field, or into environmental public policy. My major is broad enough that I have a lot of options of what career I could go into but these are probably the most interesting fields for me currently.

 I’m from Lynnwood, WA and I’ve lived in Washington for my whole life. After graduation I would like to move somewhere out of state like somewhere in SoCal or Austin, TX. That is one thing I look forward to doing after graduation and hopefully I will be able to do that hopefully within a couple years after graduating.

 I chose to go to UW Bothell because it is close to home and for the small class sizes. The smaller class sizes are really nice since your professors will get to know your name and it’s an easier environment to ask questions. I also really like the campus due to the events, clubs, organizations, and other activities you can do on campus. If any of you see me feel free to come up and say hi or talk to me about anything.