Ryan McClelland

Ryan McClellandHey Huskies!

 My name is Ryan McClelland and I am a junior at UWB. I am currently pursuing a major in Health Studies and a minor in Biology. I came into college interested in a career as a physical therapist, however, my career goals are changing and I am now unsure what career path I want to take. Nevertheless, I have a passion to help others achieve success and wellbeing, which is why I am excited to interact with new students as a PAC Leader this year!

 When I was two, I moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, so I consider this state my home. I have grown up around Lynnwood my whole live, and now currently live on campus. Living on campus has been a rewarding experience because its pushed me to overcome challenges I otherwise wouldn’t have faced, and has allowed me to grow into an independent student. On campus you’ll often find me at the gym or playing intramural sports, my favorite being basketball. I am very approachable and love seeing familiar faces when on campus, so if you ever see me around say what’s up!

 I chose UWB for a few reasons, one being that it is incredibly student oriented. All the professors and faculty here are passionate about their student’s success, and it’s very easy to communicate with professors and utilize the resources they provide. Another reason I am here is because it is also close to my house in Lynnwood, allowing me to experience the freedom of being on my own while still being able to find comfort in my own home if I need it. Not to mention I have two older brothers who I hang out with whenever I stop by. Not everyone has the luxury of seeing their family whenever they want, and I understand how scary that is when transitioning into college.

So please reach out to me when in need of help or a friendly face to talk to!