West Lawrence

West LawrenceHello!

My Name is West Lawrence, I’m a junior majoring in both community psychology and biology. I should be graduating with my community psych degree Autumn 2019 and I’ll be graduating with a bio degree in the next few years. I plan on going to med school to pursue radiology.

I was born in Seattle but have spent some time growing up on the Hopi reservation near Moenkopi in Arizona. I transferred to UWB as a Running Start student in 2016 from North Seattle College. On campus I'm involved in intramural sports, specifically basketball. I'm also a member of the Pre-Med Club and an officer for the Biology Club. Outside of school I really enjoy hanging out with friends and spending time outdoors, especially if the sun's out.

The reason I chose UWB was because of class size as well as difference in tuition cost compared to other colleges. The amount of students on campus has made it easier to meet new people and establish meaningful connections. Overall I’ve enjoyed my experience at UWB and look forward to what else the future has to offer.