Jorge Alvarez

Jorge AlvarezWhat's up Huskies?,

My name is Jorge Alvarez, and I’m hyped to help you all get used to the campus and the community we have!

I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering. My eventual goal is to work for one of the big 4-tech companies (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon) and be a project manager for a team.

I’m originally from Baguio City, Philippines, and eventually moved here to the U.S. when I was in first grade. I first lived in Riverside, California before coming to Washington. Here, I’ve lived in Renton, Kirkland, and now Federal Way, where I commute from.

What made me come to UW Bothell was the tight community that comes with a smaller campus. Also the networking opportunities that come with its location being so close to the tech centers of Washington, something that I could get from UWB or UWS. The difference between UWB and UWS is that UWB has smaller classes, which I prefer due to the ease of networking opportunities you have with professors. In terms of curriculum, UWB and UWS are near the same level which means you get the best quality teaching.

 Hopefully I'll see you all around campus even after orientation, and I hope that I can make your transition the most comfortable and fun experience I can make it.