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Hi all, my name is Abby Slavens! I was raised here, in Bothell. Well, Unincorporated Snohomish County if you want to be painfully specific. I spent my first year at Western Washington University and then transferred over here. I am so glad I made the switch!

 I am a senior chemistry major and mathematics minor. I am currently conducting research under Dr. Dan Jaffe, an atmospheric chemist. He is also the head of the Physical Sciences department and a great resource for students. Outside of academics (but still on campus!) I work at the library and am an officer for chemistry club. When I'm not at UWB, you'll find me gallivanting up a mountain or snuggling with my dogs.

While I love UWB for many reasons, I love it the most because it is a safe space. My peers are clear in their purpose. The staff in all of the departments on campus genuinely want to help their patrons. My professors and advisers are passionate about the learning process and form personal relationships with their students.  I never question whether I am welcome at UWB.

During my first year I wish I knew that I was more competent than I gave myself credit for.  Upperclassmen are not necessarily more capable than a first-year student; there are many more components to aptitude than years in school.

 Thank you for reading about me. I am excited to meet you all!


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