Health Education and Promotion Minor

Learning Goals

​The goals of the Minor in Health Education and Promotion are to:

  1. Describe historical milestones, contemporary issues, and future trends related to health education and promotion.
  2. Analyze how biological, social, political, educational, cultural, environmental, and behavioral factors impact individual and population health.
  3. Assess community needs and capacity for health education and promotion.
  4. Develop and evaluate tailored health education & promotion programs and communication using health behavior theories and models.
  5. Interpret and apply health-related research to develop evidence based health education & promotion programs and strategies.
  6. Apply key leadership and management principles and skills to effectively administer health education and promotion programs and services.
  7. Use best practices of health communication to promote and advocate for individual and population health.
  8. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the U.S. health system and issues that impact health equity and quality of care.
  9. Recognize the means by which social inequities and racism, generated by factors such as power and privilege, undermine health.
  10. Apply concepts and theories in practice by collaborating with others to complete community-based activities and projects.

Declare the Health Education and Promotion Minor:

To declare the Health Education and Promotion minor, please contact your primary major academic advisor by email or in person.