UW Bothell Nursing

Background Check

Completing the background check for BSN admissions

Your background check should be run according to the table below after you have received an offer of admission to your Nursing program.

Quarter of Admission Time Range to Complete Background Check
BSN Summer Quarter Entry June 1- June 15
BSN Autumn Quarter Entry September 2 - September 16
BSN Winter Quarter Entry December 2 - December 29

Order your background check

  1. Go to our online vendor CastleBranch's dedicated portal for UW Bothell students at https://portal.castlebranch.com/UH80 and follow the instructions to pay the fee and submit your order.
  2. From the drop down menu, select your program-BSN is package UH81bg: Background Check
  3. New  students select the "UH81bg: Initial Background Check (Combines National and Washington State Checks" option.
  4. Current students running a renewal select the “UH81wa: Annual Background Check - Continuing Students" 


  • The initial National and Washington State check costs $53.00 and should only be run once while in the program (students who leave the program and are required to re-apply must purchase the National and State check again once re-admitted).
  • The Washington State-only check costs $16.00 each time it is run (annually). 

Technical support

For problems with the website and/or payment issues, contact CastleBranch customer service at 888-723-4263 or customerservice@castlebranch.com.

General support

Contact the Health and Safety Coordinator at uwbnursingcompliance@uw.edu or 425-352-5376.

Background Check Policy

Newly admitted and returning Nursing students are required to complete a National and Washington State background check upon admission, and current Nursing students are required to complete a Washington State-only background check annually if their initial background check expires while in the program (every background check completed is good for one calendar year). 

A private national records verification agency is chosen by the School to run the background check, to date we use CastleBranch. Background checks from other vendors, or that were completed for other schools through CastleBranch, are not acceptable.

Important notes

  • The UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Studies will have online access to your completed background check. If your background check raises concerns related to your participation in a nursing program, you will be contacted by a School representative.
  • Submit the necessary information to in a timely manner so that your check can be reviewed. Without it, your offer of admittance will be withdrawn.
  • Background checks that show evidence of a positive criminal history are considered on a case-by-case basis. For examples of offenses that would result in ineligibility, see the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services Disqualifying list of Crimes and Negative Actions.
  • All students must pay the required fee for this service, waivers are not available.
  • Registration holds are placed on student's accounts who do not comply with this requirement.



Call 425-352-5376 and ask to speak to the Health and Safety Coordinator, or email uwbnursingcompliance@uw.edu