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Academic Grievance

Academic grievance policy & procedure

The School of Nursing and Health Studies hold the faculty and student relationship to be paramount. Therefore, the School has set forth a policy and procedure to aid students and faculty in resolving academic concerns with the goal of working toward a resolution and maintaining a productive and positive learning environment.

Graduate students

Students in the Master of Nursing program follow the academic grievance procedure of the UW Graduate School Memo No. 33

Undergraduate students

Students in either the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies major follow the following policy and procedure as set forth by the School.

School of Nursing & Health Studies academic temporary grievance policy

An undergraduate student enrolled in a class with the School of Nursing and Health Studies who believes they have experienced unfair treatment or an injustice of substantial proportions involving their academics may initiate action to redress such a grievance.

Recommended procedure to redress a grievance

To redress a grievance it is recommended that students follow the steps below. Our goal as a School is to create a reasonable resolution for the student and instructor as we hold the student-faculty relationship paramount. The School faculty and staff will direct the student to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Step One: Student-Instructor Discussion
    Ideally, disputes can be resolved at this level. The student meets with the faculty member and states the purpose of the meeting. Either the student or faculty member may request another faculty member to be present during the student-instructor discussion. If deemed necessary, the faculty member will prepare a summary of the meeting and the outcome, which will be emailed to the student for confirmation.
  • Step Two: Dean Meeting with Student and Faculty Member
    If the student-instructor discussion does not resolve the issue at hand, the student may contact the Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies. The Dean will obtain information from all parties and prepare a written summary to be signed by the faculty member and student. A copy of this summary will be given to the student and a copy will be placed into the student file. If the issue can be resolved at the Dean level, the case is then closed. If the issue remains unresolved, the student may contact the University Ombudsman for further consultation and direction.

The University Ombudsman or staff may be consulted at any point to assist the student in resolving problems. This policy is intended to expedite the handling of grievances that arise within the School of Nursing and Health Studies to work toward a resolution.

Approved by School, Autumn 2016.


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