School of Nursing and Health Studies

Carrie Lanza, Lecturer

Carrie Lanza

Carrie Lanza, PhD, MSW, BA

Carrie Lanza is delighted to be joining the UW Bothell School of Nursing & Health Studies faculty in Winter, 2017. She also currently lectures in the UW, Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and UW School of Social Work. Lanza’s 20 years of experience in social services, health and welfare research includes work in several arenas, including psychosocial rehabilitation services, maternal and child health, early childhood education, and a number of community-campus partnerships in the UW Health Sciences departments. Her orientation to teaching, research and practice is grounded in principles of community-engaged praxis with an emphasis on place-based, media and arts-based approaches to community building and organizing, social action, and political advocacy.


Lanza’s work explores media and participatory arts-based methods in community-engaged practice. Entitled, “’Truth Plus Publicity’: Paul U. Kellogg and Hybrid Practice, 1902-1937”, her dissertation is a genealogical case study of media-based methods in community- engaged research during the early decades of the twentieth century as practiced by social worker, researcher and journalist Paul U. Kellogg (1879-1958). Her work also explores contemporary participatory arts and media – particularly music and dance- as strategies for culturally responsive interventions, community building and social change work via scholarship and praxis in participatory arts collectives, Seattle Fandango Project and Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities.


University of Washington School of Social Work
Seattle, WA
  • PhD; Social welfare history, arts and media based praxis, community-engaged praxis and research.
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
  • MSW; Community Organizing/Community and Social Systems concentrations.
Ohio University
Athens, OH
  • BA in Cultural Anthropology





Courses Taught

  • Social Dimensions of Health
  • Global Health and Film
  • Dance as Social Technology (with Diana Garcia Snyder, MFA)
  • Arts Learning in the Community: Community and Healing through Dance (with Diana Garcia Snyder, MFA)
  • Integrative Seminar: Place, Space, Social Inequality & Transformation
  • Approaches to Social Research
  • Meanings and Realities of Inequalities, UW Bothell School of IAS
  • Foundations of Social Services
  • The Historical and Intellectual Foundations of Social Work