School of Nursing and Health Studies

Carrie Lanza, Lecturer

Carrie Lanza

Carrie Lanza, PhD, MSW, BA

Carrie Lanza teaches community health content in the Health Studies program. Her orientation to teaching is grounded in principles of critical pedagogy and community-engaged praxis as well as commitments to decolonizing, feminist, spatial and embodied theoretical lenses. Lanza's teaching is also informed by her experiences as a social worker, which has spanned both clinical practice in community and maternal/infant mental health as well as administrative practice in early childhood intervention, medical education, and academic pipeline programs. As a member of several art collectives, she also produces many events and media projects. All of these experiences - working across diverse racial and ethnic communities as well as a variety of organizations and institutions - anchor and enliven her classroom teaching. 


Lanza’s research has revolved around use of arts and media in health and welfare assessment and intervention. Her dissertation was a Foucauldian genealogy of the Pittsburgh Survey as a forbear of contemporary community-engaged research approaches entitled "Truth Plus Publicity: Paul Kellogg and Hybrid Practice, 1902-1937". A second line of inquiry explores participatory arts practices as strategies for community capacity building. To that end, Lanza is currently collaborating with urban planner and artist, Sarah Kavage, BFA, MUP, to evaluate the long term impacts of large scale, place-based art and environmental education intervention, Duwamish Revealed on local participant communities and organizations.


University of Washington School of Social Work
Seattle, WA
  • PhD; Social welfare history, arts and media based praxis, community-engaged praxis and research.
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
  • MSW; Community Organizing/Community and Social Systems concentrations.
Ohio University
Athens, OH
  • BA in Cultural Anthropology




Courses Taught

  • BHS 302 Social Dimensions of Health
  • BHS 310 Pathways to Health Studies
  • BHLTH 199 Global Health and Film
  • BHLTH 437 Program Planning for Health Education & Promotion
  • BHLTH 438 Program Evaluation for Health Education & Promotion
  • BNURS 297 Building Health Skills 
  • BNURS 597 Management in Community/Global Health