About the School of Nursing and Health Studies

Nursing Program History

The history of the University Of Washington School Of Nursing in Seattle dates to 1916 when a nursing course was first offered through the Pre-Medical Department in what was then the College of Science.  This course became the basis for the BSN degree in 1918.  In 1929, the newly built King County Harborview Hospital and the University established a nursing program.  This integrated, four-year nursing program was later expanded to incorporate two hospital diploma programs at Swedish Hospital (1946) and Virginia Mason Hospital (1950).

In 1945, the School of Nursing became an autonomous unit of the University of Washington together with the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Pharmacy.  The four schools became the Division of Health Sciences within the University structure in 1946.  Programs leading to the Master of Arts and Master of Nursing degrees were established in 1937.

The University of Washington Bothell Nursing Program grew out of a commitment by the UW Seattle School of Nursing faculty to provide educational opportunities for registered nurses in Washington State.  The overall goal of the program is to provide access to upper division course work leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and master's level course work for those seeking a Master of Nursing.  The UWB program admitted its first undergraduate students Summer Quarter 1992 and now has over 1,200 RN-BSN alumni.  In 2002, the Nursing Program admitted the first Master of Nursing cohort.  As of August 2008, the MN Program has granted degrees to 88 MN graduates.  

Nursing accreditation

The (baccalaureate degree program in nursing/master's degree program in nursing/Doctor of Nursing Practice program and/or post-graduate APRN certificate program) at (institution) is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791  (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).