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La Voz de Ella Because You are More than Just Beautiful by Marlene Manzo
La Voz de ELLA: Peer Mentorship for Minority Girls


A Face in Radio Student Wins Mary Gates Scholarship by Nate Stout
Researching Flatworms Pays Off for Jenia Ostrovskaya


Springfest UW Bothell SpringFest by Marlene Manzo
The Largest Student Life Event of the Season


Because You are More than Just Beautiful

La Voz de ELLA: Peer Mentorship for Minority Girls
By Marlene Manzo

Peer Mentorship for Minority Girls

Monica Manzo, a senior in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences studying society, ethics and human behavior, mentors minority students in disadvantaged areas . As president of La Voz de ELLA (Her Voice), a peer mentoring program at UW Bothell since 2010, she has been commuting to Nelsen Middle School in Renton to talk to young Latina students about the benefits of higher education.

Manzo and the La Voz de ELLA team have a non-traditional method of mentorship. The student group focuses on empowering young women through self-esteem. They believe that self-esteem serves as a catalyst for both personal and academic success. In their weekly sessions, the young women focus on topics such as identity, friendship, education and college access.

On Monday, May 20 the team traveled to Nelsen Middle School to host the annual empowerment ceremony, “Because You Are More Than Just Beautiful.”

La Voz de ELLA Manzo says the work of La Voz de ELLA serves the community in a number of ways. “Working with young women only makes the population of women stronger. It increases their chances of going to college, prevents teen pregnancy, and builds future leaders.”

The ceremony marked the end of a full academic year of mentoring for 32 girls, ages 12-14, who were eager to express themselves during workshops on gratitude and body peace. It was also an opportunity for the team to bid farewell to the 8th graders who will attend high school in the fall. The students of Nelsen decorated La Voz de ELLA t-shirts that were provided through their school, and exchanged words of encouragement to one another.

Throughout the year, Manzo says she witnessed a transformation in the lives of the teenagers. The young women learned to mend friendships through understanding and forgiveness, and they also learned to confide in one another about issues of identity.

To learn more about La Voz de ELLA, contact Monica Manzo

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Student Wins Mary Gates Scholarship

Researching Flatworms Pays Off for Jenia Ostrovskaya
By Nate Stout

Jenia Ostrovskaya

Biology major Jenia Ostrovskaya is the first UW Bothell student to receive the Mary Gates Scholarship for basic science research.

While deeply fascinated by science, Ostrovskaya feels she is a bit of a late bloomer.

“In high school, I felt I was doing experiments with pre-determined results. Easy procedures, having your hand held all the way through and just fed the result from a spoon. This was ok, because I was learning, but that’s not how science really works.”

Ostrovskaya began attending UW Bothell in spring of 2012, and quickly found courses that showed her the adventurous side of scientific research.

“I took investigative biology and had to read so many research papers, I was really immersed. I was flooded with questions and inspiration. Some of my fellow students were really enthusiastic about our work and were encouraging and inspiring. That was the quarter that I found that actual research was quite different from my high school experience.”

Building on the work of fellow students Matheus Lima, Jihun Han, Godwin Hong, Sherry Ancheta, and Nicole Rhode, Ostrovskaya’s current research focuses on the regenerative capacity of photoreceptors (eyes) among planaria, a type of flatworm.

“These tiny flatworms can regenerate a fully functioning worm from even the tiniest fraction of their body. These worms are often studied in developmental and stem cell research because of this amazing ability to regenerate. We were interested to see just how good they are at regenerating by testing for developmental problems in relation to eyesight.”

Ostrovskaya will graduate in summer of 2013 and hopes to work in a research laboratory after graduation, searching for better treatments and cures for diabetes.

To learn more about Mary Gates Scholarship go to:

For other stories on Biology Research at UWB go to:

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UW Bothell SpringFest

The Largest Student Life Event of the Season
By Marlene Manzo


On Thursday, May 17, hundreds of UW Bothell students basked in sunshine to celebrate Student Life’s annual SpringFest. The event had something for everyone, including human foosball, sumo wrestling, arts and crafts, a caricature artist, cotton candy, mini golf, a dunk tank, food trucks, ice-cream, and an awesome concert in Mobius Hall. The day began at noon and the outdoor activities continued until 6 p.m. SpringFest wasn’t complete until the Theoretics and Lion’s Ambition hit the stage in the evening.

Springfest Waiting in line for the caricature artists were sophomore students Erika Uy and Nicole Sumalbag. Erika was thrilled to have an opportunity to relax, “I get to be with my friends, and it isn’t about being in class. I get a break.”

Ravita Om, CEB’s Special Event programmer, applauded all the support of Student Life staff, students, and volunteers. “Even though this is technically my event, this is everyone’s event; everyone put their effort into it. And it is meant for everyone as well.”

There was a little anxiety about the rain forecast for Thursday, but the sun was a pleasant surprise, the cherry on top a wonderful event.

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