Pitch A Story

Pitching a UW Bothell story

Our communications team works to uncover and tell UW Bothell’s best stories that support our mission and brand.

We hold weekly editorial meetings to discuss potential stories that we have developed through our own research or ideas that have been pitched to us from across the University. We also discuss how we want to share the story with our audiences. That could include video, web, social media or a news release.

Help us tell your boundless story

We’re always on the lookout for boundless UW Bothell stories to share with our audiences — whether your unit has already produced them, or whether you have a story idea you’d like to share.

To tell us about your story, or to submit a story idea for consideration, please fill out our pitch form (please link to the pitch form)

Learn more about best practices for creating a boundless story pitch. ((Please create a page or space for this: So, what makes a good pitch? Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

And, finally …

  • Be focused: Choose one story idea per pitch form, and make your case for us to pursue this one story, as opposed to giving us vague snippets of several stories.
  • Be concise: Keeping in mind our brand values, distill your story idea into two to three short paragraphs, rather than copying and pasting the complete story. Be sure to include the “hook” — the angle that you think sells the story.
  • Be proactive: A great story takes research and time. As soon as you are aware of a story possibility, please notify us. We can at least get it on our calendar.
  • Be Boundless: The story pitches that we do decide to take on are those that are best aligned with our brand and strategy. They represent a clear understanding of our editorial guidelines — they’re human, they focus on impact and they’re highly specific.

Questions or comments about story ideas, pitches and beyond? Contact Lisa Hall, Director of Media Relations & Communications (lhall7@uw.edu), or Doug Esser (esserd@uw.edu), communications specialist.

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