Internship impact: Christina Tran

Christina Tran was one of the winter quarter students in BIS 495, the internship course taught by Loren Redwood in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. They “combined passion with academic pursuit,” Redwood says. By the end of the quarter, four of her 12 students had jobs.

Christina TranMarketing mental health on social media, Christina Tran said she worked to overcome the social stigma that people who seek help are flawed.

The global studies major (business minor) graduating in June said she was able to look at mental illness in a different light while working as the social media marketing intern at the Varad Program clinic in Bellevue.

“As a global studies major I’m really into learning how culture affects the way people act or feel influenced by society,” she said.

Tran wrote 40 blog posts, designed eight ads and maintained five social media accounts. An increase in followers indicated more people were interested in seeking help.

“We had to show mental illness as something that’s very common and that mental health is as important to your well-being as physical health,” she said.

Tran knows there are a lot of jobs available in social media marketing.

“I’ve always been into how social media influence how the consumers see a product or a company,” Tran said. “As a marketing person I can influence how they look at the company.”

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