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The Mailroom | campus newsletter

The name “The Mailroom” honors UW Bothell’s roots. When the UW Bothell Branch Campus opened in Canyon Park in 1990, faculty and staff gathered in the mailroom to get their mail and use the copy machines. It also was the place they heard about and discussed campus news, which cultivated a strong sense of community and camaraderie. This newsletter — along with other components of the internal communications pilot program — aims to foster the same sense of information sharing across our now much larger campus and community.

Guidelines for The Mailroom

The Mailroom is a monthly publication distributed to University of Washington Bothell faculty and staff via email the last week of every month.


Deans and unit leads have identified the following as those on their team who will serve as the primary contact for newsletter content submissions. Find your unit and send your ideas for consideration.


Submissions must be received by 11 a.m. on the following dates to be considered for inclusion in the next month’s issue. Note that timing changes to accommodate holidays.

  • Dates TBD

Primary content & length 

  • a headline - approximately eight to 12 words
  • short summary of 75 words or less,
  • link to more information (as opposed to a complete, self-contained article)
  • Send accompanying photos to
Primary newsletter contacts
School or Unit Name
Academic Affairs Kathryn Rich​
Advancement & External Relations Andrea Neubert
Campus Safety Cham Kao, Bobby Bagsby
Community-Based Learning and Research Layla Taylor
Facilities Services & Campus Operations Therese Zorich
First-Year & Pre-Major Richie Meyer
Information Technology Adri MacArthur
Library Sarah Leadley
Office of Connected Learning Anna Jansen
Office of Diversity & Equity Wayne Au
Office of Research Dawn Moncalieri
Organizational Excellence & Human Resources Oksana Kryvyziuk
Planning & Administration Andrea Neubert
School of Business Deanna Kennedy
School of Educational Studies Ann Busche
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Andrew Shinn
School of Nursing & Health Studies Clay Schwenn
School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Christine Howard
Student Affairs Gina Christian

Voice, style, editorial guidelines

Content should follow general UW brand and editorial guidelines. Newsletter headlines and summaries will link to source content on unit websites (Campus Safety, IAS, Library, OEHR, etc.). Content on websites will retain existing voice and style.

Text should be friendly, approachable, energetic and sophisticated. It should include a call to action, and focus on the employee and the benefits, resources, events and information that will invigorate the sense of community that is a foundation of UW Bothell and provide information faculty and staff need to be most effective in their work.

Be personal and direct. Use first person (“we,” “our”, “us”) and second person (“you,” “your”) when appropriate to maintain a conversational style. Use everyday language. Be concise. Use active rather than passive language.