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June - December 2014


Governor seeks money to train special ed leaders

The Seattle Times, December 26, 2014
It’s hard to imagine a more complex and demanding responsibility for a school district administrator than overseeing the education of children with disabilities. Such leaders are in high demand; Seattle Public Schools’ new special education director, Wyeth Jessee, is the ninth person to hold the job in 10 years. UW Bothell’s ECSEL program, is mentioned.

Dozens take shot at coding during national event on South Whidbey, December 15, 2014
Whidbey Makers was a flurry of typing and swiping Wednesday. Dozens of children turned out for Computer Science Education Week events on South Whidbey. Organized by Whidbey Makers and the Atlantis ROV team, several lessons were planned to introduce and encourage people to try out computer science through coding. Atlantis mentor Ashley McConnaughey said about 40 children took part in the first Hour of Code in Clinton, with several more at the handful of other events throughout the day. UW Bothell’s Sally Ride Science Festival is mentioned.

Close Ohio’s failing charters, December 15, 2014
One of the key concerns Dropout Nation Contributing Editor Michael Holzman raised earlier this month in his piece on Cleveland’s failures to provide high-quality education was that the plan developed by Mayor Frank Jackson to expand the number of charter schools serving kids in the city was fatally flawed. Why? Because Ohio’s failures on the authorizing and oversight front meant that the charter schools throughout the state were doing an even worse job of improving student achievement that even the worst traditional public schools. The Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned for pointing out Michigan’s struggle on the charter school and authorizer quality front

College radio watch: Recapping the CBI conference, new LPFM in Mississippi, and KUCR’s radio history, December 12, 2014
In late October I had an amazing time at the College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) conference in Seattle. In addition to attending lots of informative sessions about student broadcasting, I was also on a few panels devoted to college radio history and to the diversity of college radio. UW Bothell’s radio station, UWave, is mentioned

Seattle school board clears way for Larry Nyland to be next superintendent, December 11, 2014
The Seattle School Board voted five to two Wednesday night to clear the way for Dr. Larry Nyland to become the city’s permanent schools superintendent. Nyland grew up in Seattle and graduated from Roosevelt High School. He came out of retirement last July to serve as interim schools chief. David Robinson, who teaches management at UW Bothell, is quoted.

Should states spend billions to reduce class sizes?, December 11, 2014
Last month, voters in Washington decided that the state’s classes were filled with too many kids. A ballot initiative seeking to limit class sizes to 17 students for kindergarten through third grade and to 25 students for all others squeaked by, garnering only 51 percent of the vote. UW Bothell’s director of the Center for Education Data and Research, Dan Goldhaber, is quoted

Go West, young broadcaster!, December 11, 2014
The week before Halloween, College Broadcasters Inc. held its annual National Student Electronic Media Convention in Seattle. UW Bothell’s radio station, UWave, is mentioned

Survey finds racial, academic divides in why parents choose charter schools, December 6, 2014
Cleveland parents with some post-secondary education send their children to charter schools for academic reasons. Surveys were conducted by the Center for Reinventing Public Education

Crowdfunding goal met for Bellingham coal train air-pollution study, December 5, 2014
A scientist who launched an online fundraising campaign for a coal-train pollution study met his monetary goal on Friday, Dec. 5, and will begin collecting data along the railroad tracks in Bellingham as soon as possible. UW Bothell professor Dan Jaffe is mentioned

Unregulated school choice is harming Michigan, December 5, 2014
As I have mentioned previously, Michigan has lousy K-12 student outcomes and is making little — if any — progress. That’s a recipe for long-term economic decline. A post by Robin lake, Director of the Center for Reinventing Public Education, is discussed

Eric Garner case resonates among Asian Americans, December 5, 2014
After a Staten Island grand jury decided to not indict white New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the choke-hold death of Eric Garner, Asian-American activists and academics have been issuing calls for shows of solidarity for the family and community of Garner, as well as imploring Asian America to better understand the connections it has with other communities of color. UW Bothell Professor, Scott Kurashige, is quoted.

Film tries to tackle stereotypes of Chinese students in U.S., December 5, 2015
To many in China, Chinese international students are spoiled rich kids riding a wave of prosperity back home that has washed ashore at college campuses across the United States. Now, a group of those students is challenging that characterization with a short film to be screened today at the Helen Mills Event Space in New York. UW Bothell Professor, Scott Kurashige, is quoted

Ivan Owen gives the world a (3D-printed) hand, December 5, 2014
When Ivan Owen posted a video of his homebuilt mechanical hand on YouTube in 2011, he never could have predicted how far it would reach. Ivan Owen is an Entrepreneur in Residence at UW Bothell

More parents think Cleveland schools are getting worse than improving, school choice survey says, December 5, 2014
CLEVELAND, Ohio - More parents think schools in Cleveland are getting worse than think they are improving, a survey conducted earlier this year shows. Surveys were done through the Center for Reinventing Public Education.

The cutthroat world of elite public schools, December 4, 2014
In September 2012, the NAACP’s legal arm joined forces with two other advocacy groups to file a federal civil rights complaint against New York City’s public school system. The issue at hand was—and still is—the city’s nine elite public high schools. Like most public high schools in the city, these schools can choose who attends. But the elite schools are their own animal: Whereas other schools look at a range of criteria to determine students’ eligibility, eight of these nine elite institutions admit applicants based exclusively on how the students score on a rigorous, two-and-a-half-hour-long standardized test. Betheny Gross, senior research analyst at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, is quoted

Bothell will ask lawmakers to help save forest, December 3, 2014
BOTHELL — Preservation of undeveloped space in the city is in doubt after voters rejected a bond measure last month, Bothell now is counting on lawmakers in Olympia and Washington, D.C., to allocate money to save the North Creek Forest. The North Creek Forest is located north of the University of Washington Bothell campus.

Report: Denver parents feel informed about school choice options, want better transportation,, December 3, 2014
Parents in Denver are more optimistic about the direction of the school system and feel positive about the information they have about school choice than parents in other cities—but equity issues and challenges in providing transportation as more students leave their neighborhood schools remain. A new report from the Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

Survey highlights hurdles parents face in making school choices, December 3, 2014
A survey of public school parents is shedding light on how they go about choosing a school in cities with lots of options and the hurdles they face. A new report from the Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

UW Bothell enrollment doubles during past 5 years, December 2, 2014
While colleges and universities nationwide report declines in enrollment, University of Washington Bothell officials said their incoming class is bigger than ever. The 25-year-old branch campus has more than doubled enrollment during the past five years – making the jump to nearly 5,000 students. 

UW sees increases in international student enrollment, December 2, 2014
ASUW Personnel Director KK Saha, an international student from Bangkok, Thailand, believes bringing students from all over the world provides a more diverse and interesting campus. UW Bothell is mentioned for its representation of international students.

Here’s a plan to turn around U.S. education – and generate $225 Trillion, December 1, 2014
What This Is: Improve outcomes by empowering–and holding accountable–school principals to deliver educational results. Paul Hill, researcher at the Center on Reinventing Education, is mentioned


UW Bothell professor honored at Library of Congress, November 26, 2014
The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, and now it holds the videographic oral history from University of Washington Bothell Chancellor Emeritus and professor, Warren W. Buck. 

Detroit needs universal enrollment for district and charter schools, report says, November 26, 2014
Creating a one-stop shop where Detroit families can enroll in both district and charter schools would help families navigate what has become a very complex school-choice system. That's at the heart of a series of recommendations made in a report commissioned by Excellent Schools Detroit, a nonprofit devoted to improving the city's schools. A policy brief by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

Out of our league, November 25, 2014
All eyes are glued to the players down below. There’s a quick hush as 40,000 people sit quietly in suspense. Thirty million more watch the spectacle from home. Then the silence breaks into a deafening roar as the winning team makes a strategic play, assuring victory. The victors smile and raise their fists in triumph. UW Bothell is one of the colleges that will be involved with the League of Legends World Championship.

Special education charter schools vulnerable to funding shortfalls, November 20, 2014
A charter school in Raleigh, North Carolina for students with disabilities is struggling under the costs of educating those students and may soon close, according to WNCN, a Raleigh-based TV station. Director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, Robin Lake, is quoted

Chancellor Fariña implies some charter schools boosting scores by pushing out students, November 20, 2014
Chancellor Carmen Fariña implied Thursday that some city charter schools prop up their state test scores by encouraging students to enroll elsewhere late in the school year. “There shouldn’t be a whole movement out of charters the month before the test,” Fariña told reporters on Thursday morning. The well-timed attrition is not happening at all schools, she said, adding, “It happens in some places.” A study done by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

Speakers from many fields focus on children’s vision issues in energized debate at University of Washington Bothell Symposium on Vision and Learning November 8,,,,, November 15, 2014
"Nobody learns to read at twenty feet away. Our children need our help," Metropolitan King County Councilwoman Kathy Lambert was the first speaker, riveting the audience with her stories of children in her own family whose progress in school was hindered because nobody ever checked to see if they could focus on the words in their books. Read More.

UW professor seeks money to study pollution from coal trains in Whatcom County, November 14, 2014
A scientist who uses the Internet to solicit donations for his research on coal trains may bring his work to Whatcom County. UW Bothell professor, Dan Jaffe, is seeking money to study pollution from coal trains

High school seniors, learn about financial aid options, November 14, 2014
Cedarcrest High School seniors and their parents should plan to attend the district’s Financial Aid Night, 6 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 11, at the high school. UW Bothell’s Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships will give the presentation

Guest: A case for paying teachers like tech workers, November 14, 2014
HOW do businesses in Seattle and the surrounding areas support a booming high-tech sector? High-tech businesses pay high salaries to smart, hardworking employees, whose extremely high productivity more than compensates for the high wage rates. UW Bothell director of Center for Education Data & Research Dan Goldhaber, co-authored this opinion piece

UW Bothell professor chosen as a history maker, November 13, 2014
UW Bothell physicist and first chancellor Warren Buck has been chosen as a History Maker -- a select group of African Americans who have made substantive contributions in their fields. 

Study: Close screening process can improve teacher hires, November 11, 2014
Districts could boost their ability to hire teachers who help students learn more and who stay on the job longer by improving their screening techniques, a newly released working paper concludes. UW Bothell professor, Dan Goldhaber, was one of the scholars who conducted the study

HigherEd’s future is bright, November 10, 2014
In August, the University of Washington's Bothell branch campus turned 25 years old, and this week announced its largest enrollment ever — a fine status for the school that some actually proposed closing in 2007, in part because it hadn't reached its “growth limits” yet, so a UW branch campus could be built in Snohomish County instead. Read More.

Right in front of our eyes, the symposium on vision and learning, will be held at University of Washington Bothell campus November 8., November 5, 2014
On November 8, 2014, many stakeholders in the education of children will come together at U Washington Bothell to discuss the problem of undetected vision issues among Washington children. Although Washington law mandates checking children's distance vision in school, children do not read at twenty feet away, so seeing 20/20 doesn't mean that they will be able to focus on the books they are reading at 20 inches away or so.

Is class size reduction cost effective?, November 4, 2014
Ross Reynolds talks with Robin Lake, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, about whether spending billions on class size reduction is the best use of Washington's resources. CRPE’S Robin Lake is mentioned

Chef John Howie to close Seattle Seastar restaurant, November 4, 2014
Chef John Howie has decided to close his Seastar restaurant in Seattle's South Lake Union, effective Jan. 3 when his lease runs out. Howie plans on opening Beardslee Public House near UW Bothell in January

Non-specific threats to UW library patrons under investigation,, November 3, 2014
The UW has increased security measures in response to the post of an anonymous user on Craigslist threatening “UW Kids” Nov. 1. In response, campus security has been increased at all three campuses, including UW Bothell. Follow up- the man accused of making the threat has been found:,,,,,,,

Western nursing program seeks accreditation, November 3, 2014
Western’s Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science Nursing program received a site visit from national accrediting organizations, who reviewed the program to determine if it meets state and national standards to become accredited. UW Bothell professor, Dr. Mary Baroni, has been helping Western with the program and accreditation process


UW Bothell designs Ghostlight, a free computer game, October 31, 2014
A new Halloween-themed computer game from the University of Washington Bothell uses ghosts and goblins to hit the mark in family fun and higher education, while serving as a model of team diversity. 

Anarchist academic talks about successful political organizing, October 31, 2014
According to anarchist academic Chris Dixon, Ph.D., successful social justice movements require combative natures and alternative options, as well as an understanding of the current social and political climate. UW Bothell professor, Dan Berger, is mentioned.

Survey: Walker Macy, October 30, 2014
Like many designers, Doug Macy wants to make a difference with his work. Since the mid-1970s, Macy, a principal with the Portland firm Walker Macy, has strived to push himself and his colleagues to take on greater challenges while growing the firm. Walker completed work on UW Bothell’s campus master plan

UW Bothell is fastest growing college in Washington state, October 29, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell continues to experience record enrollment growth, despite a trend of downward enrollment at colleges and universities nationwide. 

Festival brings top-notch South Asian filmmakers to town, October 29, 2014
Now in its ninth year, the Seattle South Asian Film (SSAFF) once again brings a wide array of radical, thought-provoking films to the Puget Sound area. This year there’s narrative and documentary films from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka on everything from human rights, gender, LGBT issues, education, and the environment — and some laughs as well. SSAFF 2014 collaborates with UW Bothell

UW Bothell staff member’s journey to Everest!, October 28, 2014
Tom Whittaker said, “Everest for me, and I believe for the world, is the physical and symbolic manifestation of overcoming odds to achieve a dream.” I am captivated by Mt. Everest and traveling there has been my lifelong dream. After losing 85 pounds since 2011 and finishing 17 half marathons in 2 years, I recently decided that traveling to Everest in 2017 and being physically fit enough to successfully finish the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon will be the ultimate tribute to my 50th birthday and the perfect way to symbolize a lifetime of overcoming the seemingly unbeatable odds against my success! Shelly Gunn is on a journey to Everest, she is a coordinator for transfer services and transfer admissions advisor at UW Bothell

Bothell’s big parks plan on ballot, October 28, 2014
Voters here are weighing in on Proposition 1, which would allow up to $42 million in bonds for improvements to parks and public spaces. If approved, it would raise the annual property tax bill for a home valued at $300,000 by an estimated $116 per year. Proposition 1 includes $1 million for completing the conservation of 64 acres at North Creek Forest north of the University of Washington Bothell campus. Read More.

College radio watch: LPFM, LPFM, LPFM!, October 24, 2014
I’ve been thinking about LPFM and college radio a lot this week. Three more colleges and universities were granted construction permits for new LPFM stations. Paul wrote about plans for stations at the Marshall University Graduate College (South Charleston, WV) and at University of Virginia, Charlottesville in his LPFM feature yesterday. In addition to those two schools, Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ) was also granted its construction permit. UW Bothell was mentioned for granting a construction permit for LPFM

Village concepts recognizes Riverside East in Bothell with award, October 23, 2014
Riverside East, a retirement and assisted living community in Bothell, was recognized by the Village Concepts executive team with the Excellence in Customer Retention and Excellence in Staff Retention awards. Village Concepts presented the award at a corporate retreat at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, Wash. on Oct. 3-4. UW Bothell students interact with Riverside East residents at Wii bowling night.

Record-high enrollment at WSU and UW’s three campuses, October 22, 2014
Both the University of Washington and Washington State University are reporting record-high enrollments for this academic year, with UW enrollment up 3 percent from the previous year and WSU up 4 percent. UW Bothell is mentioned for its contribution to the high enrollment

Feeling blue? Play this game with socks the fox, October 21, 2014
If you’re feeling depressed or stressed out, and therapy seems overwhelming, consider spending time with a fox. Wanda Gregory is IAS faculty at UW Bothell.

Alan Hoerst graduates from air force bootcamp, October 21, 2014
Air Force Airman First Class Alan D. Hoerst graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas. Hoerst earned his bachelor’s degree from UW Bothell

Sally Ride Science Festival, October 21, 2014
The first Sally Ride Science Festival in the Pacific Northwest was packed with hundreds of middle school students — especially girls. On Oct. 4, the UW Bothell campus set the stage for former astronauts, 3D hands, robotics, slime and so much more. The festival, primarily focused on engaging middle school girls in hands-on activities to sustain their interest in STEM fields, was brought to the Pacific Northwest by former astronaut Wendy Lawrence and the University of Washington Bothell

UW student population grows, minority enrollment continues upward trend, October 20, 2014
Enrollment for the three University of Washington campuses increased nearly 3 percent in the new school year, according to the finalized Fall 2014 census of enrolled students released by Philip Ballinger, associate vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions. 

Academics question KASB report on school finance, October 18, 2014
School funding and student outcomes are not only linked, they are also strongly correlated, according to a study published this week by Kansas’ school board association. But three prominent academics in education and economics research question the value of the association’s analysis. UW Bothell director of the Center for Education Data & Research, Dan Goldhaber, is mentioned.

UW president touts innovation, public commitment in annual address, October 17, 2014
The University of Washington fosters innovation on its campuses not only because of its deep economic impact “but because, more importantly, we know it can create a world of good,” UW President Michael K. Young said Wednesday at his annual address. UW Bothell mentioned for opening its School of STEM a year ago.

Dean titles for the heads of two UW Bothell schools, October 17, 2014
BOTHELL — The University of Washington Board of Regents has approved a proposal to name deans to two schools recently named at the University of Washington Bothell. Read More

Text dirty to me, October 16, 2014
I’d make you drink a few glasses of wine and start kissing your neck softly while I move my hand up your thigh . . . eventually pick you up . . . tell you to strip down for me . . . Are you turned on? Sage was. After receiving messages like this one from a new guy she’d recently started seeing, she told me her hands quickly became occupied. Sometimes she even returns to these texts days later and still gets turned on. UW Bothell professor, Kari Lerum, is quoted

UW Dawg Dash event benefits future students, October 14, 2014
For nearly three decades, Huskies and Husky fans have been lacing up their shoes and running or walking to help raise money for scholarships at the University of Washington. Since the UW Alumni Association launched Dawg Dash 29 years ago, it has expanded to three events - in Seattle, Bothell and New York City. UW Bothell branch is mentioned

Smartest kids: What Michigan schools can learn from leading states,, October 14, 2014
Michigan has a lot to learn about student learning. Once an education leader, Michigan is now in the bottom tier of states in academic achievement. While Michigan’s public education system is spinning its wheels, other states have raced past us. Massachusetts, has the top public education system in the nation, according the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), known as the Nation’s Report Card. NAEP is a standardized test given to a random selection of students in every state. Center for Reinventing Public Education’s Robin Lake is quoted

Often foes, some districts and charters forge partnerships, October 14, 2014
Florida is wading into largely uncharted waters with an initiative to fuel collaboration between two sectors often cast as foes in the debate over how to improve K-12 education: regular public schools and charters. Sarah K. Yatsko, a senior policy analyst at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, is quoted

‘There was no racing,’ father says of fatal 1-5 crash, October 13, 2014
ARLINGTON — Jourdan Bradley loved her life, her job, her family and her car. She died Friday in an accident when her 1969 Corvette Stingray ran off I-5 near Everett Mall and struck a tree. She was 24. Bradley completed her degree in nursing at UW Bothell. Read More

New York City’s IZone undergoes changing of the guard, October 13, 2014
As a new wave of district "innovation zones" is sweeping the country, one of the originals—New York City's iZone—is undergoing a changing of the guard, raising questions about where it is headed. The Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

Citizen science key to keeping pace with environmental change, October 10, 2014
Is it plastic, metal, a fragment, sharp? Does it have a loop in it that a marine animal might stick its head through? Is it small enough and in the color range that an albatross might mistake it for flying fish eggs and eat it? UW Bothell’s education program is mentioned.

Education ‘reformers’ have lost their PR war, so now what?, October 10, 2014
Americans have become accustomed to seeing the figureheads of big-money interests distort reality to suit their needs and get a lot of well-meaning folks to agree with them in turn. The Center for Reinventing Public Education is quoted

Judging school performance: Is there a better way?, October 10, 2014
Many agree that the way we evaluate schools, often with a heavy emphasis on test scores, isn’t working well. So what would be better? That’s what the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) asked recently, acknowledging problems with what’s happening now. “There is a backlash against accountability,” wrote Robin Lake, the center’s director. “Critics have legitimate concerns about imperfect measurement and unintended consequences.” UW Bothell is mentioned for its relationship with the Center for Reinventing Public Education

With changes in leadership and funding, the splashy ‘iZone’ reaches a crossroads, October 9, 2014
Schools that are part of the city’s Innovation Zone have experimented with 60-student classrooms, online courses, and computer algorithms that assign work to students. The four-year-old set of programs, known collectively as the iZone, have enlisted hundreds of city schools, app developers from across the country, and the technology titans Amazon and Google. Center for Reinventing Public Education’s practitioner-in-residence, Steven Hodas, is quoted

Student creates 3D printed “Airt Arm”: Could give paralyzed fingers a new lease on life, October 9, 2014
We have seen many extremely helpful 3D printed prosthetic hands and arms come to fruition over the past two years. Thanks to groups like e-NABLE and the Robohand Project, there are hundreds of people who now have gained use of both of their hands. The incredible thing about 3D printing is that it allows for the fabrication of completely custom devices, at costs of under $50. Traditional prosthesis cost up to 10,000 times this price, and many of these expensive devices don’t even function as well as their cheaper, home-fabricated counterparts. UW Bothell’s Entrepreneur in Residence, Ivan Owen, is mentioned

UW Bothell offers grants supporting international course collaborations, October 8, 2014
UW Bothell is spearheading a UW-wide effort to deepen global engagement of students in the classroom by supporting online collaborations with international partners. These collaborations support the development of leading-edge, globally-focused student experiences without requiring students to travel abroad. 

What do we really know about Columbus?, October 8, 2014
In the hero-or-villain debate over Christopher Columbus, teacher John Yarnell has a history of letting students decide for themselves. “We put Columbus on trial in the classroom,” said Yarnell, who teaches history at Port Susan Middle School in Stanwood. Yarnell said Columbus is now mostly covered in high school. For years, accounts of the Genoan who sailed for the Spanish crown were examined in mock trials in his classes. UW Bothell professor, Dan Berger, is quoted. Read More

Mindfulness in higher education, October 7, 2014
Last spring, I participated in an Online Learning Institute conducted at UW Bothell. Since I had long been skeptical about the ways in which my own teaching might travel into an online environment, I opted to confront those reservations directly. That is, I decided to develop an online design not only for the course I’d always wanted to teach, but also for the one I presumed relied most extensively on face-to-face instruction. 

Uncovering Discovery Hall, October 7, 2014
UW keeps growing. In fall 2013, UW Seattle admitted the largest freshmen class to date with 6,255 students, UW Tacoma’s student enrollment has continually increased, and UW Bothell is the fastest growing public university in Washington State. 

Is it OK not to care about the Seahawks?, October 7, 2014
The short answer: No. Basically, if you want to participate in the social and economic life of this city, you have to be a fan. Even a fake fan. “But you don’t have to know the details, you just have to, you know, say ‘Hey, the Seahawks!’ And that’s it,” advises Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the UW Bothell School of Business and an avid fan. 

DelBene at UW Bothell tomorrow to host roundtable on college affordability, October 6, 2014
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene will hold a roundtable discussion in Bothell at 10:30 a.m. Oct. 7 with students and faculty from Everett Community College, Cascadia Community College, and UW Bothell. 

UW professor publishes book on Northwest’s racial history, October 2, 2014
When the subject of tense racial histories come up, it’s common to think of it as a “black-and-white” issue, according to a UW professor. A new collection of essays aims to reframe that narrative. Since 2011, history professor Moon-Ho Jung has worked with several academics to compile articles that explore the historical moments and movements on the Pacific Coast and across the Pacific to examine a different story of race and politics. The collection was published by the University of Washington Press in July. An essay by Dan Berger, UW Bothell professor, is included in the collection.

In fall classes, students question the answer to global problems, October 3, 2014
This autumn quarter, UW students are engaging with global issues through courses in a wide variety of fields. UW Bothell’s Computing and Software Systems Program is mentioned

UW Bothell to host ninth annual Seattle South Asian Film Festival, October 2, 2014
The UW Bothell will host the ninth annual Seattle South Asian Film Festival Oct. 31 through Nov. 9. 

Redmond High graduate starting program to connect homeless, foster youth with UW students, October 1, 2014
When Kendall Wiggins first moved to Seattle last year, one of the things she noticed about city living was coming face to face with homeless people on the street on a regular basis. Wiggins is a junior at UW Bothell

Take a food tour of Seattle’s Chinatown international district, Little Saigon, October 1, 2014
It’s easy to find Taylor Hoang’s five Pho Cyclo cafes, which dish up Vietnamese noodle soup and Banh Mi sandwiches in restaurant hot spots like Capitol Hill and South Lake Union. Hoang is a UW Bothell alumnus

Sally Ride/UW Science Fest features former astronaut, October 1, 2013
As the first American woman in space, the late Sally Ride made it her mission to encourage girls to dream big and pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields. Before she passed away, Dr. Ride founded Sally Ride Science, an organization offering workshops, festivals and scholarships. This weekend, the University of Washington's Bothell campus will host the Sally Ride Science Festival, featuring exhibits, workshops and guest speakers from various STEM backgrounds, including former Shuttle astronaut, Capt. Wendy Lawrence. Lawrence will be a guest speaker at the Sally Ride Science Festival held on UW Bothell’s campus this Saturday.

With Steven Hodas gone, what happens to New York’s iZone?, October 1, 2014
Steven Hodas, Executive Director of New York City Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and one of the iZone's chief architects--has officially left his post. Around the middle of September, Hodas updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect his departure. The biggest reason? The shifting realities of a new government administration. Steven Hodas will be working with the Center on Reinventing Public Education.


Limitations of transparency and oversight of charter schools, September 30, 2014
Transparency & oversights of charter schools are not enough. Valid research must also support our efforts. All the transparency and oversight that we apply to our efforts becomes moot, if the research that analyzes it is flawed. Here’s an example of what I mean. A report from the Center on Reinventing Public Education concludes that charter school benefited students. 

Meta-Analysis finds ‘effects’ that aren’t there, September 30, 2014
Francesca López, an education professor at the University of Arizona, reviewed A Meta-Analysis of the Literature on the Effect of Charter Schools on Student Achievement for the Think Twice think tank review project. The review is published by the National Education Policy Center, housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education. The report was published in August by the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington. The report, by Julian R. Betts and Y. Emily Tang, draws on data from 52 studies to conclude that charters benefited students, particularly in math. 

Duggan, city council not totally free to govern, September 29, 2014
It's not business as usual in Detroit city government under the deal reached last week to remove emergency manager Kevyn Orr. City leaders celebrated the deal as a restoration of democracy, but several new layers of financial oversight will be in place preventing Mayor Mike Duggan and the City Council from having the freedom to govern — and spend — as they please. A senior research fellow at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, Larry Miller, is quoted

What’s the point of the Recover School District now? Critics wonder, September 26, 2014
Now that the Recovery School District has gotten out of the business of running schools, why is it even needed? A number of its critics, some elected officials among them, have started asking that question more often -- with national implications. Paul Hill of the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

University of Washington Bothell to host science festival, September 26, 2014
Sally Ride Science and the University of Washington Bothell will host a Sally Ride Science Festival from 11 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Oct. 4. The festival will take place on the University of Washington Bothell’s campus, and will feature workshops, guest speakers, and a street fair among other attractions, all with a focus on fueling student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

A new conversation conversation, September 24, 2014
September of 2014 has become New Conversation Month in the reformstersphere. There has been much noise about fresh starts, new conversation, inclusive tones, and shiny new wrapping. What does it all mean? The Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned for the “A New Start on Accountability” proposal

Citizenship, women in tech, taboo language, psychology of superheroes among UW’s new fall class lineup, September 24, 2014
From exploring American citizenship to encouraging women in technology, making your own comics and studying the linguistics of swearing – and even the psychology of superheroes – the 2014-15 school year brings a wealth of new classroom experiences for University of Washington students. UW Bothell is mentioned for its new class, Information Assurance and Cyber Security.

Bothell’s Cascadia Community College changes name, September 23, 2014
In a unanimous vote, the Board of Trustees of Cascadia Community College has voted to change the institution’s name to Cascadia College. The new name has the broad support of the college’s students, alumni, staff, the leadership of University of Washington Bothell and regional industry. 

Education groups urge WA state Supreme Court to uphold state’s voter-approved charter school law, September 17, 2014
Today, several national education organizations filed an amicus brief with the Washington State Supreme Court urging the court to uphold the state’s voter-approved 2012 charter school law. Studies completed by the Center on Reinventing Public Education are mentioned

Sept. 25: Outdoor celebration marks 25 years of WSU Spokane, September 17, 2014
UW Bothell is mentioned for being one of the five branch campuses authorized by the Washington Legislature

Driverless cars and… school choice?, September 17, 2014
Self-driving cars may soon be on American streets, as more companies begin to test self-driving automobiles. Much of the self-driving car discussion has centered on safety concerns, but Jason Bedrick, policy analyst with the Cato Institute, has an interesting take on driverless cars: they could improve school choice. A study completed by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

Saint Martin’s to host Brazil exchange conference, September 15, 2014
Saint Martin’s University will be hosting an international conference designed to promote student exchange for the first time between Washington and Brazil. The Washington State and Rio de Janeiro Conference on U.S. and Brazilian Student Exchange will be held Nov. 17-21, during International Education Week, on the university’s Lacey campus. Delegates from UW Bothell will be attending the conference. 

OSO job seekers attend career fair, September 15, 2014
Dozens of people who helped clean up in the aftermath of the Oso landslide are about to lose their jobs. But they're hoping the experience they gained through that disaster will help them start a new chapter in life. Oso job seekers attended the 1st Congressional District Career Fair at UW Bothell. 

Rep. DelBene’s hosts first congressional district career fair at UW Bothell today, September 15, 2014
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene joined UW Bothell and WorkSource to create the First Congressional District Career Fair, taking place at 12:30 p.m. today. Unfortunately, due to last minute scheduling of votes, DelBene will be in Washington, D.C. and unable to attend.

How Seattle’s involvement in education is unique among cities, September 15, 2014
Like in many cities around the country, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says he isn't interested in running the local public school district, but he is interested in how well the city's children do in school. The executive director of CRPE, Robin Lake, is mentioned.

Benjamin Winters, OD, and Marry Pellicer, ME are featured speakers at vision and learning symposium November 8,, September 14, 2014
School requires that children read at both near and far distances, but Washington law requires that they be screened only for far vision when they enter school. Children do not read at twenty feet away. When their eyes do not track effectively or focus (team) on the small print of their books, they will, at best, avoid reading; at worst, they will think there is something wrong with their brains and their ability to learn. Children who cannot see cannot read. UW Bothell’s School of Computer Science and Software Engineering grad students will be presenting their capstone projects, which focused on finding new exercises to help children with binocular vision problems, at the “Right In Front Of Our Eyes” symposium.

Questions of race, state violence explored in ‘The Rising Tide of Color’, September 11, 2014
Moon-Ho Jung is an associate professor of history and editor of the book “The Rising Tide of Color: Race, State Violence and Radical Movements across the Pacific,” published by University of Washington Press. He answered a few questions about the book. UW Bothell professor, Dan Berger, is mentioned

Partnership blends students with business, September 10, 2014
Today’s high school students need to know more than what’s in books, local teachers believe. They need to be able to identify and apply solutions to real-world problems, which are skills that employers are seeking in job applicants. UW Bothell professor, Paul T. Hill, is quoted. 

Gov. Deal proposes statewide school district to take over failing schools, September 10, 2014
MY AJC colleague Greg Bluestien reports that Gov. Nathan Deal wants a statewide school district patterned after the Recovery School District model in Louisiana in which the state takes over low-performing schools. A report by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned

In St. Louis, parents go digital to make sense of school choice, September 10, 2014
Angelee and Paul Brockmeyer have a soft spot for urban living and fixer-uppers. The couple spent five years rehabbing an old home in Chicago. So, when they decided to pack up and come to St. Louis to be closer to family, Paul spent his weekends scouring the city’s nooks and crannies for their next project. A survey by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

How self-driving cars will enable greater school choice, September 9, 2014
Transportation is one of the most significant roadblocks to exercising educational choice, especially for low-income families. But a new technology promises to greatly expand the number of schools that are logistically feasible for students to attend. A study by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned. 

I-405 off-ramp blocked, September 8, 2014
On the I-405 northbound & southbound off-ramp to Westbound SR 522 (MP 24) emergency roadwork is blocking the spur off-ramp to UW-Bothell and Cascadia Community College. 

On a mission of mercy and education in West Africa, September 7, 2014
The news out of West Africa is terrifying. In April, at least 200 girls were kidnapped from their Nigerian school at the hands of Boko Haram, an Islamic militant group. And along with Nigeria, the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are in the midst of an unprecedented Ebola virus outbreak that has stricken thousands. UW Bothell’s Nursing and Health Studies program is mentionedRead More

Another Voice: Struggling East Side needs a caring champion, September 7, 2014
Buffalo is experiencing an economic boom, but the explosion will not automatically spark the revitalization of precarious East Side neighborhoods, an area consisting of black neighborhoods lying east of Main Street and north of South Buffalo. Article co-written by UW Bothell professor, Jin-Kyu Jung, Ph.D

Head of Workforce Snohomish retires, September 5, 2014
EVERETT — The president and CEO of Workforce Snohomish has retired and a search is under way to find her replacement. Sue Ambler, 58, led the agency for eight years, overseeing a staff of more than 30 employees with a $9 million annual budget. Workforce Snohomish focuses on creating a competitive labor pool for Snohomish County and runs employment centers in Everett, Mountlake Terrace and Monroe. Sue Ambler serves on UW Bothell’s STEM advisory board. Read More

Bothell breaking ground on new City Hall

Seattle Times, September 2, 2014
An ambitious vision for Bothell’s downtown is finally springing to life after more than a decade of planning and budgeting for a new city-center identity. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the fastest growing campus in the state.

With opening of Seattle’s ‘First Place,’ charter schools have arrived in Washington

KPLU, September 2, 2014
A longtime Seattle private school will re-open its doors Wednesday as a charter school, the first to do so under a new state law that lets nonprofit organizations use state dollars to run public schools. UW Bothell professor, Wayne Au, is quoted.

Waiting for a kidney, he breaks out in song

HeraldNet, September 2, 2014
Michael Golberg isn’t letting his tubes hold him back. The 55-year-old dialysis patient recorded a song while hooked up to an NxStage System One, a 75-pound machine that fulfills the job of a kidney by cleaning his blood. Michael Golberg is a former UW Bothell professor. Read More

A nod for UW Bothell

HeraldNet, September 1, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell is ranked No. 6 in the nation on the Washington Monthly “2014 Best Bang for the Buck” list for all institutions nationally. UW Bothell also is ranked No. 5 among master’s universities. Read More


YMCA summer campers help Bothell restoration efforts

Bothell-Kenmore Reporter, August 29, 2014
Northshore YMCA summer camp teens have come one day each week to volunteer in North Creek Forest, from June 26 to Aug. 2. They have donated more than 600 hours of community service. Activities included removal of an infestation of English Ivy, a job requiring strength and determination to pull thick vines off the trees and out of the ground. Supported by Friends of North Creek Forest, an army of teens tackled the ivy and cleared a walking path through the area. UW Bothell Restoration Ecology Network is mentioned.

People News: Aug. 29, 2014

Accounting Today, August 29, 2015
The Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants has announced the following award winners for 2013-2014: Rick Anderson won the 2014 WSCPA John L. O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award. Anderson is a partner at Moss Adams and Chairman of the Praxity Management Board. Sarah Ozanne won the 2014 WSCPA New Professionals Award. Ozanne has been a WSCPA member since joining as a student member in 2008. She is the new chair of the Puget Sound Young Professionals Committee, sits on the Washington CPA Foundation Scholarship Committee, and volunteers to speak to college students about the CPA profession. A recent UW Bothell graduate, Wendy Kwan, is mentioned.

Candidate Shari Song wants college for Weyerhaeuser property in federal way

The Bellingham Herald, Federal Way Mirror, August 28, 2014
A state Senate candidate from Federal Way wants to explore bringing a four-year college to the city’s soon-to-be-empty Weyerhaeuser campus. UW Bothell is mentioned as an example of a branch campus.

Washington loses more college students than it gains

Seattle Times, August 28, 2014
When he was president of the State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT), Bjong “Wolf” Yeigh was well aware of New York’s brain-drain problem: The state’s bountiful numbers of college students didn’t stick around after graduation. 

A new way forward in the charter school debate

Huffington Post, August 27, 2014
As the debate between public charter and traditional neighborhood schools polarizes K-12 education, too many policymakers are succumbing to a false choice: either push for broad, fast charter expansion or double down on traditional school districts, even those that have chronically struggled. It's as if our only options are to let a thousand flowers bloom uncontrollably or trust that a calcified bureaucracy can educate all children to high levels. The recent study by the Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

UW Bothell: The good deal, August 26, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell came in sixth best in the nation for offering students the most value for their money. The new ranking is from the East Coast publication Washington Monthly, which said it looked especially at what universities contributed to the public good in terms of improving social mobility, service to communities and research.

University of Washington gets top 10 national best bang for the buck ranking

Bothell-Kenmore Reporter, August 26, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell is ranked No. 6 in the nation on the Washington Monthly 2014 Best Bang for the Buck list for all institutions nationally. UW Bothell is also ranked No. 5 for all master’s universities. Washington Monthly measures institutions on social mobility, research and service to the community. The publication “gives high marks to institutions that contribute to society, enroll low income students, help them graduate and don’t charge a fortune to attend.” 

U.S. soviet merger requires charter schools for a one world global planned economy

Reclaim Our Republic, August 26, 2014
Is it too far-fetched to believe that in 1953 the President of the Ford Foundation, the late Rowan Gaither, knew that charter schools, or some new form of public school governance, would be necessary to carry out the Soviet Polytech (workforce training) part of the “merger with the Soviet Union?” Charter (contract schools) are also in Russia. Paul Hill, the founder of the Center on Reinventing Public Education and Research Professor at UW Bothell, is mentioned

UW climbs to No. 7 in national ranking, August 25, 2014
Measuring institutions on research, students’ social mobility and civic engagement, Washington Monthly named the University of Washington seventh best in the nation in its 2014 national university rankings released Monday. The Washington Monthly ranking “gives high marks to institutions that contribute to society, enroll low income students, help them graduate and don’t charge a fortune to attend.” UW Bothell is mentioned for ranking No. 6 by Washington Monthly

The best bargains in great colleges

Forbes, August 25, 2014
I’ve never believed that the top-rated schools give you the best-possible value in education. Many of them achieve those top ratings by reputation alone. They may overcharge, be stingy on aid and not do enough to ensure that all students graduate with little debt. UW Bothell is ranked 6th on Washington Monthly’s Best Bang for the Buck list.

Best bang for your college buck? UW ranks 6th

Seattle Times, August 25, 2014
A wide range of institutions and publications will be rolling out national — in some cases, international — college and university rankings in the coming weeks. In this space, we’ll take note of some of the most interesting ones. 

Bookmonger: UW Professor’s Book Reframes Issues of Race and Politics

The Bellingham Herald, August 21, 2014
Some things are still askew in this land of purported justice for all, and in my lifetime I'd like to see us moving closer to getting it right. So when "The Rising Tide of Color" came in recently from University of Washington Press, I put it on the top of my must-read pile. An essay by University of Washington Bothell Professor Dan Berger is mentioned.

SwopBoard Announces the Creation of All-New Advisory Board; Seattle Startup Welcomes Business Leader to Disrupt School Fundraising

PR Web, August 20, 2014
SwopBoard today announced the creation of its official advisory board composed of four distinguished professionals, Tamara Adlin, Nicholas Ferroni, Jens Molbak, and Valerie Wasserman, each from diverse disciplines. Jens Molback is an active advisor with the University of Washington Bothell. 

Looming Shortage of Nurses

The Herald Business Journal, August 20, 2014
Researchers in a 2011 University of Washington study concluded that there won't be enough registered nurses to fill the need in this state starting in just three years. The University of Washington Bothell’s partnership with Everett Community College is mentioned.

From Freedom Summer to Black August

Dissent Magazine, August 19, 2014
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Freedom Summer, when thousands of mostly white college students from around the country traveled to Mississippi to contest segregation at its most violent source. Dan Berger is Assistant Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell.

Arts Council Presents Monster Movie Night at LFP City Hall Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 7 p.m.

City of Lake Forest Park, August 19, 2014
Join the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Arts Council and University of Washington Bothell Monster Movie Morality Class for a free monster movie double feature at Lake Forest Park City Hall. "Little Shop of Horrors" (1960) will screen at 7:00 p.m. and "Nosferatu" (1922) will screen at 8:30 p.m.

UWB Student Activities Center Phase II-A Bid Packages

Daily Journal of Commerce, August 19, 2014
The University of Washington and Skanska are committed to the participation in its contracts by Small Business subcontractors and suppliers including Disadvantaged, Women, and/or Minority Business Enterprises listed and certified by the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (OMWBE). 

Taking Risks: The Product of a 2010 IA Seminar

Imagining America, August 18, 2014
In 2010 I attended my first Imagining America conference. I organized a seminar session titled “Feminism, Activism, and Activist Research in the Americas” designed to foster discussion about the tensions inherent in researching justice, resistance, and feminism in Latin America and the Caribbean. Julie Shayne is a Lecturer at the University of Washington Bothell.

Cheap Week Seattle: August 18-24

Seattle Met, August 18, 2014
Get a taste of Halloween this Thursday when University of Washington Bothell students present their research papers and lead a discussion around a screening of two classic horror films: the 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors and Nosferatu. Scared, yet?

UW Thanks Its Donors

NW Asian Weekly, August 18, 2014
University of Washington’s (UW) President’s Club held a reception on July 29 to thank its donors. The President’s Club started in 1972 and every year the club honors donors who contribute $2,000 or more annually, become members of the club. The members get privileges such as borrowing from the UW libraries and discount parking at the Seattle campus. UW Bothell Chancellor Wolf Yeigh is pictured.

Making School Choice Work Requires Leadership

EdWeek, August 18, 2014
It's a truism in public policy that every solution breeds a new problem. School choice has created new possibilities for families desperate for better options, but it can also create serious access challenges for disadvantaged families. Robin Lake is the Director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

Monster Movie Double Feature Thursday in Lake Forest Park

Shoreline Area News, August 17, 2014
Students from the University of Washington Bothell enrolled in the course, Monster Movie Morality, will present their research papers and host a discussion around two classic films, the 1960 version of Little Shop of Horrors and the cult classic, Nosferatu (1922). 

Big Birthday for UW Bothell: 25 Years and Counting

NBC News, August 17, 2014
It was 25 years ago that the University of Washington Bothell received its charter and a tiny campus was established in a rented space at the Canyon Creek office park.

Historians’ Letter to President Obama and Members of Congress

War is a Crime, August 15, 2014
We deplore the ongoing attacks against civilians in Gaza and in Israel. We also recognize the disproportionate harm that the Israeli military, which the United States has armed and supported for decades, is inflicting on the population of Gaza. UW Bothell faculty Camille Walsh and Trevor Griffey are among the signees.

YMCA Summer Camp Adopts North Creek Forest

Bothell Reporter, August 11, 2014
Campers have been willing stewards of a restored forest site completed by UW Bothell’s Restoration Ecology Network. The newly planted area along 112th Ave NE has been watered weekly during these hot summer days by dedicated Y-Teens. 

News: More for Your Money: UW-Bothell Ranked Best in the State, August 10, 2014
A new national ranking of college quality scrambles the usual rating of Washington state’s colleges and universities, making the University of Washington-Bothell the top-rated school in the state.

Washington State Biomedical Device Summit

Xconomy, August 9, 2014
Venkat Rajan, medical devices industry manager with Frost & Sullivan, will keynote a conference focusing on new technologies, device security and safety, and other challenges and opportunities for the region’s medical device makers. This event will be held at the University of Washington Bothell on September 11th.

Top of the Morning, August 9, 2014

The News-Gazette, August 9, 2014
The Class of '14 at the University of Illinois wasn't the only group impressed by Mike Hopkins' rousing performance on graduation weekend at Memorial Stadium. The University of Washington Bothell’s commencement speaker John Quinones ranked sixth on this list. Answer the survey question to access the article.

Seattle Career Boosts: Hot Skills, New Fields

Seattle PI, August 6, 2014
The University of Washington will have 14 new certificates in its Professional and Continuing Education department this fall. Seattle Colleges (formerly known as Seattle's community colleges) will offer seven new programs for a certificate or applied science degree. University of Washington Bothell’s Electrical Engineering Foundations course is mentioned.

Susan Wojcicki’s JHU Commencement Address One of 2014’s Most Inspiring

Johns Hopkins HUB, August 5, 2014
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's speech at Johns Hopkins University's graduation ceremony in May has been chosen as one of the nation's top commencement addresses of 2014 by a professional association of commencement and convocation officers from colleges and universities across the country. UW Bothell’s 2014 commencement speaker John Quinones was also selected by NAACO.

Sowing the Seeds of Change: Social Justice as Praxis in Undergraduate Nursing Education

Healio, August 5, 2014
In undergraduate nursing curricula, the rhetoric of social justice has held more prominence than its operationalization. Although undergraduate education is a prime vehicle for fostering social change, articles that describe social justice as praxis in baccalaureate nursing curricula are relatively uncommon. Dr. Mohammed is Associate Professor, Dr. Cooke is Assistant Professor, and Dr. Ezeonwu is Assistant Professor in the Nursing and Health Studies program at University of Washington Bothell.


University of Washington Bothell Banked Best in State by Money Magazine

Shoreline Area News, Bothell Reporter, July 30, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell has been ranked number one in the state of Washington in terms of value and quality, according to a new study by Money magazine. The magazine studied 665 colleges on 17 measures including education quality, affordability and career earnings. 

UW Bothell Sees Abundance of Opportunity for Underserved on His Campus

Diverse, July 29, 2014
University presidents and chancellors are typically eager to discuss their institutions’ programs, research and facilities when given the opportunity, and University of Washington Bothell’s chancellor Bjong Wolf Yeigh is no exception. 

University of Washington Bothell Beats Out UW Seattle in List of Best Colleges for Your Money, July 29, 2014
It might seem cool to go to school at the University of Washington’s sprawling University District campus in Seattle, but if you want a higher graduation rate and better deal for the price, Money Magazine suggests you head over to UW’s Bothell campus instead.

University of Washington Bothell beats out UW Seattle in list of best colleges for your money, July 29, 2014
It might seem cool to go to school at the University of Washington’s sprawling University District campus in Seattle, but if you want a higher graduation rate and better deal for the price, Money Magazine suggests you head over to UW’s Bothell campus instead. 

The 14 Best Colleges You Can Get Into, According to Money Magazine, July 29, 2014
It might be tough to get into the Ivy League, but that doesn't mean you can't get into a good school. UW Bothell placed second on the list.

WSU, UW Bothell team up on special education leadership program, July 29, 2014
There’s a special education problem in Washington state, and Megan Itani (’02 B.A.) is trying to help fix it. She’s a student in a cohort-based special education leadership program, still in its infancy.

More for Your Money: UW-Bothell Ranked Best in the State

Seattle Times, Money, July 28, 2014
A new national ranking of college quality scrambles the usual rating of Washington state’s colleges and universities, making the University of Washington-Bothell the top-rated school in the state. 

Biz Bits- UW Bothell Names Two News Schools

Herald Net, July 28, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell has named two new schools, completing the transition of all of its academic programs to schools. 

Seattle Stands Up for Justice in Gaza

The Seattle Globalist, July 25, 2014
Though the Palestinian community in Seattle is small in size, groups such as the Palestinian Solidarity Committee and many other individuals have furiously continued to organize events all over the Seattle area to raise awareness about Gaza. From vigils, to peaceful protests, to active and loud demonstrations, the Seattle community is truly stepping up to make a difference. Author Majd Baniodeh is a Program Manager at the University of Washington Bothell’s Center for University Studies and Programs.

Election 2014: Candidate Q&A- State Rep. District 1, Pos. 2

MLT News, July 25, 2014
Luis Moscoso- I fought for increased transparency, accountability and reforms in state government. I worked to expand higher education funding, specifically for UW Bothell, and I’ll continue to fight to fully fund K-12 education. 

What America Can Learn from Washington State

Real Clear Education, July 25, 2014
Washington is one of a handful of states that now has a hybrid pension system, part DB, and part DC. The shift from a traditional DB system occurred in 1996 when the state, motivated in part by a survey of employees and employers that suggested both saw benefits to the shift to a hybrid plan with a DB component half as generous as the prior DB-only system, and a new DC component allowing employees to select different contribution rates and asset investment options. Co-author Dan Goldhaber is the director of the Center for Education Data & Research at the University of Washington Bothell.

Election 2014: Candidate Q&A- State Rep. District 21

My Edmonds News, July 24, 2014
Justin McMahon- I grew up in the district near Lynndale Park in a union household where I attended Edmonds public schools and both of my parents have worked at Boeing. Candidate Justin McMahon is currently working to complete his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington Bothell.

Food Trucks Now Officially Allowed in Bothell

The Woodinville Weekly, July 22, 2014
Food trucks are now officially allowed to operate in Bothell, thanks to an ordinance the Bothell City Council passed last week. University of Washington Bothell student Anthony Stillman is quoted.

Mill Creek Woman Named a Madison Fellow, July 21, 2014
Carly Ann Peterson of Mill Creek, and a graduate of the University of Washington Bothell, has been awarded a James Madison Fellowship by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation of Alexandria, Virginia. Read More

Goodwill’s Recycling Work Turns Out Good People

The Seattle Times, July 20, 2014
Goodwill is unusual in that it is a largely self-sufficient social-service enterprise. Twenty-three stores in the area provide about $20 million a year to fund training and adult-education programs at 10 locations. Graduates find work at companies all over the region — Nordstrom Rack, UPS, Lowe’s and more. A member of the Goodwill youth program will attend UW Bothell in the fall.

Program Combines Art, Science to Further Students’ Interest, July 18, 2014
It’s no secret that the number of men in STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — fields outweigh the number of women in those fields by a significant margin. Education leaders and lawmakers have dedicated much talk to solutions, but one group of scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is taking its idea directly to students. UW Bothell Professor Carrie Tzou participated in the program.

Microsoft Laying Off 18,000; at least 1,351 in Puget Sound Area Affected

The Seattle Times, July 18, 2014
Microsoft announced the biggest layoff in its history Thursday as CEO Satya Nadella said the company will cut 18,000 jobs — about 14 percent of the company’s workforce — over the next year. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the University of Washington Bothell School of Business, is quoted.

Microsoft Layoffs Signal a Changing Culture

The Seattle Times, July 17, 2014
In his first major organizational move since becoming Microsoft CEO in February, Satya Nadella announced Thursday that, over the next year, the company will cut 18,000 jobs — about 14 percent of its workforce. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the University of Washington Bothell School of Business, is quoted.

These States Are Scrambling To Adopt New Education Standards

Huffington Post, July 15, 2014
"Normally, standards-based reforms are one of the most complicated reforms you can do," because of the challenges associated with ensuring they have an impact in the classroom, said Ashley Jochim, a research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington, Bothell.

Snohomish Man a UW Bothell Outstanding Grad, July 14, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell honored Kevin Call of Snohomish as one of two outstanding students at its 23rd commencement ceremony held June 15 at the Alaska Airlines Arena. Read More

UW Bothell Announces Addition of Two New Schools

Bothell Kenmore Reporter, July 11, 2014
Two new schools have been named at the University of Washington Bothell, completing the transition of all of its academic programs to schools.

Abundance of School Choice Doesn’t Guarantee Access, Quality

Education Week, July 9, 2014
A new study by the Center on Reinventing Public Education, or CRPE, finds that many parents- especially those with less education or special needs children- face barriers that limit their ability to choose, such as a lack of quality schools, convenient transportation, and information to make informed decisions. 

Information, Transportation, and Lack of Quality Schools Are Greatest Barriers to School Choice, July 9, 2014
Released today by the University of Washington Bothell’s Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) as part of a report titled Making School Choice Work, the survey analyzed cities across the country where parents can choose from multiple public school options.

Excavating the Teacher Pipeline: Teacher Preparation Programs and Teacher Attrition

Journal of Teacher Education, July 8, 2014
We analyze the placement and attrition patterns of teachers by preparation programs and document large differences in the rate at which teachers exit both their schools and the profession. Dan Goldhaber and James Cowan from the Center for Education Data and Research authored the article. 

Congrats to Wedgwood Resident, Katherine Seidemann!

Wedgwood, July 7, 2014
Katherine Seidemann was awarded the 2014 Chancellor’s Medal at the University of Washington Bothell’s 23rd commencement ceremony on Sunday June 15 at the Alaska Airlines Arena.

Trade Area and Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ)

City of Redmond, July 7, 2014
Overlake Village is at the center of one of the most desirable trade areas in the region. The University of Washington Bothell is mentioned.

Work Starts on Washington HOT-HOV Lanes

Traffic Technology Today, July 7, 2014
New toll lanes will be added to existing carpool lanes on a section of I-405 in Washington State to help relieve heavy rush-hour congestion. This is important to the UW Bothell community.

Meet Our Editors and Staff

Rethinking Schools, July 4, 2014
Wayne Au, a former public high school social studies and language arts teacher, is an Assistant Professor in the Education Program at the University of Washington, Bothell Campus.

Katie Johnson and Others Announce Educating Young Eyes Symposium

BizWire Express,,,, July 4, 2014
On Saturday, June 28, a reception and fundraising dinner was held at the home of Fred Fontanilla, retired chemist, and Bob Plumb, retired professor at Heritage University. Doctors are working with UW Bothell computer science students and the Nov. 8 symposium will be held here.

Oregon Save Our Schools: Oregon SOS at the Gates Foundation Protest in Seattle

Big Education Ape, July 3, 2014
On Thursday, June 26th, members of Oregon Save Our Schools joined Oregon Bad Ass Teachers (BATs) in Seattle in solidarity with Washington BATs and Washington Save Our Schools at an event designed to bring attention to Bill Gates’ undue influence in our public schools. University of Washington Bothell professor Wayne Au spoke at the event.

King County Home Prices Up 6 Percent Over the Year, July 3, 2014
Summer has eased the drought of available homes for sale in the greater Seattle area, and sales are growing at a pace not seen previously this year. University of Washington Bothell professor Alka Kurian is quoted.

North Bend’s Megan Stone has the Best Seat at Safeco Field

SnoValley Star, July 3, 2014
When Megan Stone steps on to Safeco Field in her Mariners’ uniform, she always starts on the same baseline. Stone plans to attend the University of Washington Bothell.

LPFM News: Other Dismissals and LPFM Grants this Week, July 3, 2014
University of Washington plans to use the new LPFM license for its student-run radio station UWave. As noted in its application, University of Washington campuses already hold licenses for radio stations (KEXP–for which it has submitted an application in order to assign it to the non-profit that runs the station and KUOW), but neither is run by students. This LPFM application for UWave was initially dismissed, but was approved following an engineering amendment.

Income is a Poor Measure of American Inequality

Sociological Images, July 3, 2014
I’d hope that someone who has written a book about “What Shapes Our Fortunes” would have had Sociology 101 where he would have learned the fundamentally different ways that income and wealth work in our economy. Jane Van Galen is a professor of education at the University of Washington, Bothell.

Burmese Refugee has Flourished Since Arriving in Snohomish County

Herald Net, July 1, 2014
Marip is studying at the University of Washington Bothell. She's set to finish her associate's degree in chemistry from EvCC at the end of this semester. She plans to continue at UW Bothell for a bachelor's degree in biochemistry. Read More


UW Bothell’s Veteran Commencement Stoles a Tri-Campus First

Bothell Reporter, June 30, 2014
"Being able to use the UW colors on our stoles means this is a bridge; we are alumni of the University of Washington Bothell," says Thom. "We are veterans. We have something in common with veterans of other wars, but we also have something in common with the community. We are here to help the community." 

UW’s Calkins and Kvenild Edit Second Book for Librarian, June 30, 2014
Practical, step-by-step instruction useful to librarians everywhere are offered in a new book edited by University of Wyoming Librarians Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild. Calkins received her degree at the University of Washington Bothell.

High poverty areas need a community strategy, June 29, 2014
Charter schools have long been seen as an option to escape a failing traditional public school. But if neither traditional schools nor charters — both with promising but isolated exceptions — have cracked the code to effectively educate kids in poverty, does the conversation need to change completely? The Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

Michigan’s assignment: Toughen charter laws, June 29, 2014
The role models are out there. All Michigan has to do is look around. At Massachusetts. Or Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Washington, Arizona. Those states and more have stronger measures than Michigan to oversee charter schools, make sure they’re accountable, make sure unsuccessful schools are not languishing year after year. Some of the laws are too new to gauge their impact, but they are a step in tightening up regulation. The Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

In Detroit, quality schools still elusive, June 28, 2014
Nowhere has the promise of charter schools been greater than in Detroit, where dismal academic achievement famously prompted U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan to label the public school system “a national disgrace.” The Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

Meyer: An inclusive charter school coming to Denver, June 27, 2014
The loudest and most valid criticism against charter schools has been that they don't serve all kids, especially children with special needs. The Center on Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

150 march against Gates Foundation’s sway over education,, June 26, 2014
Teachers and their supporters marched to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Seattle offices this afternoon to protest the influence the foundation wields in U.S. education policy. 

B-E Foundation Awards Scholarships to 41 Students, June 24, 2014
Grant and Mabel Sullivan Family Scholarship, $1,000 for two years: Miriam Creelman will attend the University of Washington, Bothell to study business/cyber security.

Principals Have More Authority Than They Think, New Study Says, June 24, 2014
The study, released Tuesday by the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington Bothell, found that two-thirds of the 128 barriers to change cited by the eight principals who were surveyed were "imagined" impediments, meaning that the barriers were not immutable and there were ways to get around them. 

Faculty Author New Book on Leadership, June 23, 2014
Three College of Education faculty members are co-authors of a new book exploring how education leaders can improve the quality of learning opportunities and student performance, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. Bradley Portin, director of the education program at the University of Washington Bothell, is a co-author.

Why is college so expensive? The truth behind the myth, Yakima Herald, June 22, 2014
Whenever we write about how much it costs to go to college, we hear from a lot of readers. Some are sympathetic toward students (and their tuition-paying parents), and think tuition costs are out of control. The University of Washington Bothell is mentioned.

Where is the Mercer Island High School Class of 2014 headed next?, June 19, 2014
In the coming weeks and months, the graduates of the Class of 2014 will be headed to points both near and very far. From London to Florida and all points in between, the graduates will begin a new chapter of their academic lives. The University of Washington Bothell is mentioned.

Students with Special Needs Less Likely to Leave Charter Schools than Traditional Public Schools, June 18, 2014
The report, Understanding the Charter School Special Education Gap: Evidence from Denver, Colorado, was released today by the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) at the University of Washington Bothell. 

Progress on Understanding Atmospheric Mercury Hampered by Uncertain Measurements, June 18, 2014
Mercury (Hg) is a potent neurotoxin and globally reducing environmental levels is seen as paramount for protecting human and wildlife health. This article was co-authored by a number of University of Washington Bothell Professors in collaboration with other scholars.

Editorial:’s Leverage: Distribution, June 18, 2014
The very public, very fractious contract negotiations between online retailer and book publisher Hachette is affirming a modern truth. As Professor Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the UW Bothell School of Business, notes, content is no longer king; distribution is king.

Ross Named Diversity Director at UW Bothell, June 17, 2014
Terryl Ross, Ph.D., has been named the new director of diversity at the University of Washington Bothell. Ross, a University of Washington alumnus, will be the university’s first full-time director of diversity. 

Temple City Graduate Overturns California Teachers’ Tenure, , June 17, 2014
The judge who has ruled that California’s tenure protections for public school teachers are unconstitutional hails from Temple City. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu graduated Temple City High in 1966 according to records obtained by this newspaper. The University of Washington Bothell is mentioned.

Hookah Bar Plans to Open Near the University of Washington Bothell,,, June 16, 2014
There is a new hookah bar opening in the vicinity of the University of Washington Bothell. Created by a group of students attending the university, they are calling themselves City Cloud and are taking a slightly different approach than many other similar businesses.

Teacher helps seventh graders outline paths to college

Heraldnet, June 16, 2014
Annamarie Jordan is on a mission to get kids to college. The walls of her Voyager Middle School classroom are plastered with university logos, drawn with colored pencils and markers by seventh-graders. Read More

Professor Elizabeth Porter Wins UW’s 2014 Distinguished Teaching Award, June 12, 2014
Elizabeth Porter, an assistant professor of law, was presented with the University of Washington’s Distinguished Teaching Award for 2014 as part of the school’s Awards of Excellence ceremony. The University of Washington Bothell is mentioned.

Memphis educators look to build rating system to help parents better navigate schools

Chalkbeat, June 12, 2014
Suppose you are a parent in Shelby County and you want to know which school is the best for your child. The state report card has information, but it takes at least some background knowledge to weed through the sea of acronyms such as TVAAS, NAEP or ACT. The Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

Workforce Snohomish CEO Honored by UW Bothell

Bothell Reporter, Herald Business Journal, June 11, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell has named Workforce Snohomish president and CEO Sue Ambler the 2014 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.

California Teacher Tenure, Violate Students Rights

All, June 11, 2014
The two largest teachers ' unions in California lost the first round in the broadest court challenge State laws that protect the jobs of teachers, setting the stage for what could be a lengthy appeal. UW Bothell Professor and Director of the Center for Education Data & Research Dan Goldhaber is quoted

Lake: Market-Based Accountability Won’t Be Enough, June 11, 2014
Like it or not, many cities are moving toward nearly universal school choice. Robin Lake is the Director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

201 Diving Into Data Workshop, June 11, 2014
If you want to learn the skills to push your reporting on numbers to the next level, apply now to the Education Writers Association’s Diving Into Data Workshop, a fully paid, four-day seminar on collecting and analyzing data at the University of Washington Bothell. 

Environmental Activist Helped Save North Creek Wetlands, June 10, 2014
If you’ve ever walked on the wetland trail at the UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College campus, or enjoyed the rural view of the Sammamish Valley, you can thank Ann Aagaard. 

Shelby County School System Lacks Coherence Now, But Shows Some Encouraging signs, Study Says

Chalkbeat Tennessee, June 10, 2014
Shelby County Schools excels at attracting and developing talent but lacks many of the other ingredients for a successful modern school system, according to a new independent review by the Center on Reinventing Public Education that was commissioned by the district. 

Memphis-Shelby county merger after one year: A report card

Edweek, June 9, 2014
One year after the long-struggling Memphis, Tenn., school system officially joined the district in neighboring Shelby County, education leaders there are still finding their footing as they oversee the largest, and perhaps the most complex, merger of public school systems in the nation's history, a new report commissioned by the district finds. The Center for Reinventing Public Education is mentioned.

University of Washington Bothell to graduate the largest class to date, June 9, 2014
The University of Washington Bothell is set to graduate the largest class in its history. More than 1,600 students will receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees, topping last year’s graduate numbers by more than 200. 

STEM Students Win House App Challenge, June 7, 2014
Tesla STEM freshman Apoorv Khandelwal (with contributions by freshman Ben Zabback) have won the first annual Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academic Competition, the “House App Contest,” for Washington’s First Congressional District. Jason Pace, Executive Director at the University of Washington Bothell’s Digital Future Lab is mentioned.

Guests: How Gaps in Teacher Quality Widen The Gaps in Student Achievement, June 6, 2014
In the summer of 2013, Seattle Public Schools adopted a five-year strategic plan that includes the laudable goal of ensuring educational excellence and equity for every student. The plan cites the “significant demographic achievement gap” in the district, and seeks to address this gap by calling for “an equitable distribution of resources that prioritizes the needs of students.” Don Goldhaber is the director of the Center for Education Data & Research and a professor at the University of Washington, Bothell. Roddy Theobald is a research assistant at UW Bothell.

Indianapolis Holds Contest for Innovative Schools, June 6, 2014
Proposals for single-gender schools, boarding schools, year-round schools, and stem-focused schools were among those that rolled in last week as the deadline closed on an unusual competition to solicit innovative designs for creating a new crop of charter-like public schools in Indianapolis. Paul Hill, founder of the Center for Reinventing Public Education, is quoted.

New $20M Student Center for Cascadia Community College, University of Washington Bothell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, June 4, 2014
A $20 million student activities center is scheduled to open by the fall of 2015 at the campus shared by Cascadia Community College and the University of Washington Bothell.

UW Bothell Chancellor Visits Voyager to Share Important Message,, June 4, 2014
After receiving letters from Voyager Middle School students expressing their interest in the University of Washington-Bothell, the chancellor of the university decided to visit them. 

The Dominance Concept Inventory, June 4, 2014
Despite the impact of genetics on daily life, biology undergraduates understand some key genetics concepts poorly. Rebecca M. Price is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Bothell.

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