Laboratories support research & education

Two researchers in bunny suits in a yellow lit cleanroom using equipment to analyze.The state-of-the-art Microfabrication Cleanroom, Scanning Electron Microscope, and Electrical Engineering Teaching laboratories at the University of Washington Bothell support faculty research, grant proposals, program curriculum, and students working with faculty on research projects or a master’s thesis. Research focuses heavily on collaboration, and supports cross-disciplinary research within the School of STEM, departments across campus, and regional academic and industry entities.

Application and integrated teaching

Faculty complement their teaching and enhance the student learning experience by applying what they learn in the classroom and experimenting hands on fabricating various circuits/sensors, developing actuators, and .

Diversity and community engagement

Dr. Choi standing next to Malia Steward who is sitting at the scanning electron microscope.Being that these laboratories are located at one of the most diverse campuses in Washington state, UW Bothell is providing state-of-the-art research equipment access to a population of students who may not otherwise get this opportunity. Researchers engage with local companies, community colleges, and local K-12 students/parents to introduce, expose, and help train the next wave of skilled professionals who have the potential to impact research that could change the world.

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