Graduate Non-Matriculated Status

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM)

GNM status provides access to graduate courses for those who desire to take one or two courses from the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program without being enrolled in the degree program.

To learn more about GNM status, prospective students should contact the EE Graduate Advisor, Sharon Meriwether for further information at 425.352.5490 or

Acceptance as a GNM student confers no guarantee or priority for later admission to the Graduate School for pursuit of a degree program. To maintain GNM status, the student must enroll for the quarter in which they applied. GNM status is not an option for applicants on an F1 visa.  Upon petition, a maximum of 12 credits of coursework taken in GNM status may be applied to the MSEE degree requirements upon matriculation to the graduate program, provided they meet graduation requirements for the year the student matriculates.