Traceability User Interface


Software traceability is the ability to identify and visualize related information (distributed and heterogeneous) using explicit links known as trace links. The software development process often incorporates varied software artifacts like design documents, bug reports, test suites, functional specs, these artifacts can be located on different machines (servers). Software traceability aims to connect these varied artifacts and aid in system comprehension, debugging.

State of Art in Software Traceability

A research tool developed by Professor Hazeline Asuncion known as ACTS tool captures trace links automatically. The trace links are captured in an XML file.


Scalability, readability issues with XML file, links are stored locally in files therefore not accessible to all users.


The goal of my project is to aid in effective trace link storage, retrieval and visualization through an online user interface that allows the users to:

  • Add the trace links captured in a complex xml file format to a database, by clicking on the Addlinks link on the user interface, behind the scene the servlet handles the complex Xml file parsing.
  • Retrieval of trace links, the user interface creates a session for each user, this allows the user to retrieve only those links that the user added.
  • Viewing the links, the user can click on the links retrieved on the user interface to view them in the browser, the links can be hyperlinks, links to pdf, doc files in another machine or same machine with network file sharing enabled.
  • Visualize links, by clicking on the visualize link the user interface creates a hierarchical animated tree visualization of trace links. Figure 1 below shows the user interface.

This capstone project has been a tremendous learning experience. The following are some of the things that were learned over the course of the 2 quarters:

  • Interpersonal, project management, risk management and time management skills.
  • Software development in Java using various web-development technologies.

Traceability User Interface
Figure 1: Traceability User Interface

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Project Info

Varsha Shettar

Varsha Shettar

Faculty Advisor
Hazeline Asuncion