Capstone Projects

Sabitha AbrahamSabitha Abraham

Media Sharing Over P2P

Sabitha designed a low-cost solution for sharing content across devices with various form factors, such as desktops, laptops, and tablets, using peer-to-peer technology.

Stephen DameStephen Dame

Wireless Sensor Network System for Environmental Sensing/Cloud Computing

Stephen constructed a prototype end-to-end Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) system. The system incorporates embedded computing integration, low power sensor network optimization, and XML message to name a few.

Chris LivdahlChris Livdahl

iOS Game Design and Development

Chris explored game design from a high level as he designed and developed a casual mobile game for the Apple iOS operating system on iPad and iPhone.

Phong NguyenPhong Nguyen

Architecture-Centric Traceability for Stakeholders (ACTS)

Phong improved upon the ACTS framework by converting the cumbersome modeling files system, which stored traceability links, into a relational database (MySQL).

Susan PapaliSusan Papali

A Course Recommender System

Susan created a recommendation system that helps CSS students with their academic decisions by predicting the grades they are most likely to receive from various courses.

Thuan PhamThuan Pham

Facebook App with Expedia and Map APIs

Thuan created a Facebook application that helps friends visualize the airfare cost to visit their friends around the world. His application utilized Expedia and Google Maps' APIs.

Brad SeefeldBrad Seefeld

User Experience Research and Experiments

Brad's project explored user experience design, how to evaluate software in the context of user experience, and how to apply his findings to increase the overall user experience.

Varsha ShettarVarsha Shettar

Traceability User Interface

Varsha aided in the effective trace link storage, retrieval, and visualization of the ACTS software traceability tool through online user interface.

Aysun SimitciAysun Simitci

Storing and Visualizing Sensor Networks Data in Public Clouds

Aysun's project was part of the Sensor Cloud Integration research in the Distributed Systems Laboratory at UW Bothell. Her project allowed the storage of sensor data in a public cloud and the conversion of raw sensor data into visual formats for easy interpretation.

Henry TsaiMin-Han Henry Tsai

Location Recognition Using A Mobile Phone Camera

Henry designed a system that helps easily pinpoint the location of a visitor within a museum who is using a mobile handheld touring device.

Sangeetha VenkataramanSangeetha Venkataraman

Secure Coding Project

Sangeetha's project provided course modules, such as presentation slides, case studies, and references that instructors can use to develop curriculum around security in computing systems.

Piotr WarczakPiotr Warczak

Coordinating Multiple GPU Cards to Run MASS Applications

Piotr explored CUDA, a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA.

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