Elective Courses

The following is a sample of elective course options available. For a complete list of course descriptions, please visit:

CSS 517 Information Assurance and the Secure Development Lifecycle (5)
Covers the foundations of Information Assurance (IA) and the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) needed to understand and apply best practices for development and on-going support of secure software systems in organizations. Uses workshops and applied project to practice methods and create artifacts important to IA principles

CSS 545: Mobile Computing
Covers concepts related to systems once can build located at the intersections of pocket size computing devices; location aware technologies; mobile web services; and integrated sensors such as touch- and gesture-based UIs. Uses programming projects to explore the concepts and application in each area, and enable students to define a final project to combine and intersect the above areas.

CSS 552: Topics in Rendering
Studies core algorithms and technologies in synthesizing high quality images, including: camera models, 3D viewing, visibility sampling and approximation, light source models, material property approximation, illumination models, human vision system, and texture synthesis. (Next Offered: Spring 2013)

CSS 572: Evidence-Based Design
Provides a foundation in evidence-based user-centered design theory, methods, and practices for creating innovative software-enabled products.

CSS 577: Secure Software Development
Augmenting standard software engineering practices with practices to develop applications with low security risks. Covers security risk analysis and assessment, design practices, STRIDE, threat modeling, secure coding practices, fuzz and penetration testing, security response, and security-analysis tools.

CSS 583: Knowledge Management Systems
Explores contemporary theoretical and practical implications of how to create and manage knowledge as acquired using technology. Uses different strategies such as XML, RDF, RDFS, and other approaches to provide methods and structures to organize and reference data for use within a variety of knowledge domains.

CSS 600: Independent Study or Research
Independent study or research on computing topics conducted under the direction of one or more instructors.