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Final Examination Schedule


Summer 2021

For summer quarter 2021, all Final Examination and Defenses will not be held in person due to public health guidelines. For a link to attend a candidate's online defense, please contact our office at

Thursday, July 29

Victoria Salvatore

Chair: Dr. Michael Stiber
Candidate: Master of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering

11:00 A.M.; Online
Thesis: Demonstrating Software Reusability: Simulating Emergency Response Network Agility with a Graph-Based Neural Simulator

This research validates the re-engineering of a neural network simulator to implement other graph-based scenarios. Most components were abstracted to increase reusability and maintainability through strategic refactoring decisions. This paper demonstrates how the simulator, developed at the University of Washington Bothell, can be applied to another graph-based problem: the resilience of the US’s Next-Generation 911 (NG-911) system in the face of a crisis. This research focuses on separating the neurospecific components from the architecture of the simulator and verifying its functionality as reusable software. It also includes first-person interviews, literature reviews, data analyses, and NG-911 system research to establish the system requirements for the NG-911 test-bed. Initial results demonstrate that when a crisis destroys critical parts of emergency response infrastructure, the NG- 911 test-bed can reroute calls. This can support future work that will investigate the patterns that emerge from the interconnected events of a regional emergency response network. By applying previous research findings on the self-organizing behavior observed in both neural networks and emergency response networks during catastrophic events, this research will also contribute to the demonstration of self-organized criticality in complex networks. The NG-911 implementation of the simulator intends to model the resilience of emergency response infrastructure at varying levels of network connectivity.

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