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See UW Bothell Financial Aid & Scholarships for information on the campus financial aid process.

Federal Loans

Federal loans sometimes have lower interest rates and better repayment plans for students than other types of loans:


Because graduate scholarships and grant opportunities are generally more competitive than undergraduate scholarship opportunities, graduate students are encouraged to widely research for opportunities.

The UW Bothell School of Business offers a MSA-PCE Scholarship each year. Up to 15 students are selected for the scholarship, with amounts varying from $500 to $3,000. The scholarship deadline is in the fall, and current students be sent details on how to apply. 

Here are some other scholarship resources you may want to explore:

Graduate School Scholarship Research Sites

IRS Tax Tips

Five Ways to Offset Education Costs

Employer Tuition Benefits

If your employer offers a tuition benefit for employees per calendar year, our 22-month program begins each September and takes place over 3 calendar years which may maximize your benefits. If your employer does not offer tuition reimbursement in its benefit package, consider inquiring if your company has employee development funds available per request. Inquiries are often made through human resources departments or individual supervisors.

Military Benefits

UW Bothell Contacts

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Rosa Lundborg
Manager, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
425-352-5307 FAX 425.352.3581 TDD 425.352.5303

Financial Aid Questions

UW Bothell Financial Aid information

Danette Iyall
Asst. Director, Financial Aid
Division of Enrollment Management

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