Elective Courses – 20 credits required

Students are required to complete 20 credits of elective coursework. The program offers an extensive set of elective courses that provide flexibility and allow students to customize their MS Accounting program based on areas of interest and career goals. 

Electives are available in advanced areas of Financial and Managerial Accounting, Auditing and Tax, and Forensic Accounting, as well as Finance, Economics and other business disciplines within the MBA elective coursework. Special topics include a variety of interest areas, and may vary each quarter. See the Degree Plan. Internships of variable duration (up to 4 credits) may be applied towards academic credit.

Current Elective Options (may not be offered each quarter):

  • Advanced Financial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • Forensic Accounting for Enterprise (4 cr.)
  • Accounting for Value (4 cr.)
  • Advanced Taxation (4 cr.)
  • Enterprise IT Management (4 cr.)
  • Global Business Study Tour (4 cr.)
  • Advanced Business Law (4 cr.)
  • Game Theory (4 cr.)
  • International Trade & Finance (4 cr.)