Accounting Profession Speaker Series - Past Talks

2017-2018 Schedule

Talks will as far as possible be scheduled for the second, fifth and eighth Tuesday and Thursday of every term. In some cases, however, exceptions may be necessary and talks may be scheduled on other dates to suit the speaker's schedule.

Unless otherwise noted, all events start at 4:30 p.m. T indicates a Tuesday talk, R indicates a Thursday talk, F indicates a Friday event and S indicates a Saturday event.


R, September 21: MS Accounting Orientation

Autumn Quarter

T, October 10: Scott Mitchell and Patrick Zanin, Saltchuk
     Internal Audit and its Role in Enterprise Risk Management
     Location: ELC

F, October 20: 5th Accounting Ethics Conference
     No pre-approval required for MSA students. Register as UW Bothell Student.
     Location: UW Bothell North Creek Events Center (NCEC)

F, October 27: Washington Board of Accountancy (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
     Agenda: Refer to Board Calendar
     Location: Beardslee Collaboratory (UWBB 205)

T, November 21: Elizabeth Masnari (Providence Health) and Kimberly Scott (WSCPA)
     Getting The Job Done: Successful Interviewing 
     Location: ELC

Winter Quarter

R, January 11: Paul Munter, KPMG
     Current Issues and Trends in Accounting and Audit Standard Setting 
     Location: ELC

T, January 23: Alfonzo Alexander, NASBA and CPT
     Creating and Maintaining the Public Trust
     Location: ELC

T, February 6: Charles Satterlund, WBOA
     Trends in Professional Regulation
     Location: ELC

R, February 22: Kimberly Scott, WSCPA
     The CPA of the Future
     Location: ELC

Spring Quarter

T, April 3: Rohit Amberkar, Microsoft
      Future Skills for Finance Professionals
      Location: ELC

T, April 24 or R, April 26: Speaker 7
     Location: ELC/UW Bothell

T, May 15: Paul Merriman, President, Merriman Financial Education Foundation
     Topic TBA
     Location: ELC/UW Bothell