Accounting Profession Speaker Series - Past Talks

2016-2017 Schedule

Except as noted, all events start at 4:30 p.m. at the UW Bothell Eastside Leadership Center. T indicates a Tuesday talk, R indicates a Thursday talk, F indicates a Friday event and S indicates a Saturday event.

Autumn Quarter

R, September 22, MS Accounting Orientation Panel Discussion
     Employer Expectations & Career Advice

R, October 6, Alpa Parikh, PSE
     A Perspective From the Chief Audit Executive's Desk

S, October 22, 2016 UW Bothell Accounting Ethics Conference

R, November 3, Ade AriwoolaCity of Federal Way
     Accountant in the Government Sector

T, November 22, Rich Jones, WSCPA
     Future of the Accounting Profession

Winter Quarter

T, January 10, Elizabeth Masnari, Providence Health
     Accounting Opportunities in Healthcare
     LOCATION: UW Bothell campus - UW1-280 at 4:30 p.m.

R, February 2, David SheppardDenali Commission
     Office of Inspector General: Traditional and Non-traditional Careers for Accounting Students

T, February 21, Paul Munter, KPMG LLP
     Current Developments in US and International Financial Reporting
     LOCATION: UW Bothell campus - UW1-280 at 4:30 p.m.

Spring Quarter

T, April 4, Emily Rollins, Deloitte
     Audit Innovation

T, May 16, Alex Gildner, Starbucks Coffee Company
     Financial Reporting at Starbucks Corporation