Accounting Profession Speaker Series - Past Talks

2015-2016 Schedule

Except as noted, all events start at 4:30 p.m. at the UW Bothell Eastside Leadership Center. T indicates a Tuesday talk, R indicates a Thursday talk and F indicates a Friday event.

Autumn Quarter

T, September 29, MSA Accounting Orientation Panel Discussion
     Employer Expectations & Career Advice
       Rob Grannum, Moss Adams
       Norm Haugen, Berntson Porter
       Ken Williams, Clifton Larson and Allen

R, October 8, Dustin Birashk, Moss Adams LLP
     The Evolution of Public Accounting in Community Banking and Credit Unions

R, October 29, Svenja Gudell, Zillow
     The Zillow Business Model and the Valuation of Housing Stock

F, November 13, Accounting Ethics Conference, Mobius Hall, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
     See conference website for details

Winter Quarter

T, January 12, Paul Munter, KPMG
     The Future of Financial Reporting

F, January 29, Washington Board of Accountancy ... January Meeting

F, January 29, Costco Annual Meeting Field Trip

R, February 4, Alex Gildner, Starbucks
     Financial Reporting at Starbucks Corporation

R February 25, Julleen Snyder, Jacobson Jarvis
     Accounting in the Not-for-Profit World

Spring Quarter

T, April 5, Stephen Connelly, The Boeing Company

R, April 28, Paul Geary, Phillips Healthcare NA
     Reflections on Accounting and IT Roles and Related Risks

R, May 26, Jim Donald, Ex-CEO SBUX and STAY
     What CEOs Wish Their Accountants Understood