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Master of Nursing Symposium

At the end of the program, graduating Master of Nursing students come together for one to two days of presentations as the culmination of their graduate degree work. Each student presents a summation of their achieved learning goals and competencies, fieldwork, and projects. The public and community partners are invited to attend. The symposium is always an impressive arena for students’ innovative work and dedication. Learn how 2021 graduating students drew upon their clinical skills and MN coursework to respond to COVID-19.

Fall 2020 Symposium

To attend, email for Zoom link. Download program.


Kimberly Russell, 10:00-10:20 am

Title: Transitioning into a Nurse Educator: Preparing to Educate Nursing Students and the community

Abstract: Throughout my nursing career, one of the most rewarding aspects has been educating families, children, peers, and nursing students.  My journey through the MN program has focused on developing knowledge, skills, and foundational tools I need for the advanced practice educator role.  An educator shortage exists.  Through fieldwork as a teaching assistant and as a developer of curriculum for community-based health education, I have developed competencies including facilitating learning, learner development and socialization, and curriculum design.  As an educator, I plan to improve health literacy and promote health education in communities, as well as teach in a pre-licensure nursing program.

Scholarly Committee: Dr. Jamie Shirley and Dr. Selina Mohammed

Nikki Nahel, 10:25-10:50 am

Title: Taught to Lead: Odyssey from Nurse to Nurse Leader

Abstract: As a nurse who has worked in many areas of the hospital, I am aware of the many issues in the healthcare system.  This presentation will follow my journey from recognizing these problems through earning my master’s in nursing degree.  I will discuss some pivotal projects and how they relate to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) clinical nurse leader (CNL) competencies that helped grow my skills in leadership and problem management.

​Scholarly Committee: Dr. Selina Mohammed and Dr. Jamie Shirley

Spring 2021 Symposium

Wednesday and Thursday of June 9th and 10th; 8:30 am -5:00 pm. Format will be on Zoom to ensure our students, community members, faculty and staff are safe while adhering to COVID protocols.         

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Spring 2020

Download a Symposium Program of presenters, presentation titles and abstracts.

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