Master of Nursing

Costs, equipment and technology

Program costs

Current tuition rates are posted in the tuition rates section. Financial aid and scholarships for nurses may be available. Be sure to consult the Nursing Program's list of funding opportunities for further details.

Tuition exemption

The School of Nursing and Health Studies allows for the use of UW tuition exemption to be applied to one course in the program; BNURS 525. 

Additional costs and equipment to consider

  • UW Graduate School application fee of $85.00
  • Health & Safety administrative fee of $104.00 (background check and immunization verification)
  • Clinical Placement Northwest administrative fee of $75.00  (if applicable)
  • BNURS 505 course fee of $50.00
  • Textbooks as required by individual faculty and specific courses 
  • Desktop computer or laptop 
  • Printer (if you prefer to read journals and other readings on paper; not online)
  • Web camera if needed for video conferencing 
  • Microphone and headset for video conferencing 
  • Internet service when off campus
  • Reliable transportation for commuting to community sites for fieldwork or class projects with partners

For more information, see the average graduate and professional student budget provided by the UW Office of Financial Aid.

Paying for graduate school

Various types of financial support, including scholarships, grants, loans, and employment, are available to support students during their programs of study.