Master of Nursing

Leave of Absence

 Leave of absence and reinstatement



Under certain circumstances, the UW Bothell Master of Nursing program may grant permission for a student to go on official leave of absence (LOA) under the Graduate School On-Leave Policy to Maintain Graduate Student Status‚Äč, Memo No. 9 which includes associated fees.

While the reasons for a leave request vary, and are often professional and/or personal, official On-Leave status is normally granted for personal or family emergency situations and will be granted for a specific length of time.

Guidelines and Procedures

leave request

  • Inform the program advisor of your wish to go on-leave
  • Submit your written request to the program advisor for review by the program.
  • If approved, submit the Graduate School request for On-leave status 
  • Request leave on a quarterly basis*

*If you do not request leave on a quarterly basis, you will be held to the reinstatement procedure and incur an increased fee as stated in the Graduate School Memo No. 9. Taking summer quarter off does not require a leave request.

Approved, leave and reinstatements are recorded in your electronic file for monitoring. When you are ready to return, meet with the program advisor who will review process and inform MN curriculum committee chair.

Reinstatement request 

  1. If you have not maintained matriculated graduated status, you will need to be reinstated to the Graduate School
  2. Submit a written request to the program advisor for return to program
  3. The program advisor meets with you to review and confirm eligibility for Graduate School reinstatement per memo No. 9 and complete a plan for degree completion
  4. Reinstatement request is reviewed by the MN Curriculum Chair or designee
  5. Once reviewed and approved, submit your request for reinstatement to the Graduate School

Reinstatement after extended out of status 

If you have been out of status from the program longer than 12 quarters, or if you withdrew with less than a 3.0 GPA for degree work.

  1. Meet with the program advisor to review re-entry plan and degree completion
  2. If your returning GPA is lower than 3.0 the creation of and in-depth plan for re-entry and improvement to academic performance; reviewed and approved
  3. Petition the program for re-entry
  4. Provide an explanation of any notification to Graduate School required if leave was extended beyond original plan
  5. Submit the Graduate School  Reinstatement Request.

Approved by UW Bothell Master of Nursing Curriculum Committee, December 2016