Master of Nursing

Meet our Graduates

Meet our Graduates

Our nursing graduates actively contribute to the improvement of healthcare systems, nursing education and the health of communities on a local, regional and global level. They lead with innovation, compassion and data driven decision-making, putting their graduate degree education to work for the community they serve. Alumni of the program cite the combination of nursing and business skills as a defining factor in their education. 

Anna Callen (left) and Jenna Mathies (right) (MN, Administrative Leadership)

Anna-Callen.jpgJenna-Mathies-(3).jpgMN graduates Anna and Jenna paired up Washington State Nurses Association and retired graduate Faculty Dr. Annie Bruck to decrease workplace violence through expanding and updating training modules responding to legislative mandate to expand workplace violence training. Learn more.

Brian-Velasco-full.jpgBrian Velasco (MN, Administrative Leadership)

Now Assistant Nurse Manager, Brian shares how the program perpared him take on the challenges and strains a pandemic causes while ensuring his team of nurses are equipped and trained to take care of patients in a time of crisis. Read more...



Tamara-Uson.jpgTamara Uson (MN, Administrative Leadership) 

Now chief nursing executive with MultiCare Health System, Tamara advanced in her career after receiving the degree by applying the nurse leadership and business skills from the Leadership track curriculum she helped to launch! Read more...








Susan-Collins-(1).jpgSusan Collin (MN, Administrative Leadership)

Now the HMC Magnet Coordinator, Susan moved into this leadership role using the skills and formal education of the degree.  Learn how Susan has used the business, communication, project management, data analysis, and leadership skills gained from the program to give a "bigger voice" to nurses and prepare HMC for Magnet Status. Susan also earned her BSN in '08 at UW Bothell. Read more...



Jennifer-Collins-181026A-001-(2).jpgJennifer Collins (MN, Administrative Leadership)

Jennifer shares how she has used her education from UW Bothell to make a bigger impact on patient care. Read more...

Arlyce-Coumar-180726A-003-(2).jpgArlyce Coumar (MN, Population Health Focus) 

Moved by the worldwide need for oncology nursing education, Seattle cancer nurse Arlyce Coumar chose the UW Bothell Master of Nursing degree for global impact. Read more...



Samantha-Girard-(2).jpgSamantha Girard (MN, Nurse Education Focus)

Learn how the attainmentof the MN degree put Samantha in a position to have an impact on the profession. Read more.. 

Master of Nursing students (winter 2021) who work with COVID-19 patients make an emotional appeal to the vaccine hesitant in a video (PSA) where they share personal sentiments. Read the new story.

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MN Top National Ranking

MN USNWR 2023 rankingThe Master of Nursing program has been ranked #1 by US News & World Report for the second year in a row.

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MN Students Create a Community of Peer Mentorship

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