Master of Nursing

Degree Options

Degree options

The program offers one Master of Nursing degree with three track options. Students have the first year of the program to select the track that best meets their professional goals. 

Students complete a set of core courses, 100 hours of fieldwork, a capstone project, and an oral presentation at the annual Master of Nursing Symposium. Students complete the program in two or four years. 

Review the degree options to learn more about the curriculum of the degree, two-year and four-year program plans of study, and the hybrid schedule. Additionally, regardess of the track students select, those who aim to gain employment as a nurse educator upon graduation from the program, may be eligible for the nurse educator loan fogiveness program which forgives up to eight-five percent of the loan. 


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Monthly info sessions and individual appointments with the graduate adviser are available. Visit the advising webUWB SNHS Ranked #2 in public schools offering MN programs page for contact information and scheduling. 

Additionally, watch our student videos and read our student stories highlighting how as graduates they have utilized the skills and knowledge gained from the program to advance their career and contribute to the health of the community. 

Updated April 2020