Scholarly Committee Appointment

Scholarly Committee Appointment

Appointment of Master of Nursing scholarly committee policy and procedure

In accordance with Graduate School Memorandum No. 13, each Master of Nursing student will be assigned a scholarly committee to guide their program degree.  This committee serves an important evaluative and mentoring function for the student throughout his or her graduate career. 

The scholarly committee is comprised of two graduate faculty members, one of whom must be a registered nurse.  In exceptional circumstances, the second committee member need not be graduate faculty if their particular expertise best supports the student’s graduate work. Composition of the committee is determined in consultation among the students, the Graduate Program Advisor, the Director of Nursing, and the Master of Nursing Curriculum Committee.

The scholarly committee is appointed and students are notified of their committee assignment by the end of Winter quarter of the students’ first year.  Faculty and students receive information on the role of the committee, expectations, and responsibilities.

Based on Graduate School Memo No. 13
Approved:  Autumn 2018