Master of Nursing

Policies and Responsibilities

University of Washington Student Conduct Code and Nursing Program Specific Essential Behaviors

All UW Bothell nursing students are expected to comply with the standards of behavior and academic conduct set forth in the University of Washington Student Conduct Code the UW Bothell Academic and Behavioral Conduct Policy, which explains how the Student Conduct Code is administered on the Bothell campus.

In addition, the UW Bothell School of Nursing and Health Studies has adopted a program-specific set of professional standards and essential behaviors for continuation in and graduation from the program. These professional standards and essential behaviors are explained in the following section entitled Essential Behaviors for Admission, Continuation and Graduation for UW Bothell, UW Seattle and UW Tacoma masters students and UW Tacoma BSN students.

All UW Bothell Nursing students are expected to meet these Essential Behaviors standards in addition to the University's general behavioral and academic conduct standards. Specific incidents of misconduct by UW Bothell Master of Nursing students may be subject to review under both sets of standards, and, in the case of a conflict, the student will at all times be held to the higher standard. In addition, within the context of a specific course, all grade assignments are made by the individual course instructor. Neither sets of standards or review processes limit decisions about course grades.

The Essential Behaviors document summarizes the specific nursing professional standards and essential behaviors and the process to be followed when a student shows a pattern of problematic behavior or a single, serious lapse in violation of these standards. Students should also be aware, however, that certain behavioral or professional misconduct (including but not limited to criminal misconduct, harassing or threatening behavior or the mistreatment of any patient) may be so seriously egregious that its consequences warrant immediate dismissal from the School of Nursing and Health Studies MN Program or the immediate imposition of other discipline.