Master of Nursing

Leave of Absence

Leave and reinstatement policy and procedure 

Leave of absence

Under certain circumstances, the UW Bothell Master of Nursing program may grant permission for a student to go on official leave of absence (LOA) under the Graduate School On-Leave Policy which includes an associated fee.

While the reasons for a leave request vary, and are often professional and/or personal, official On-Leave status is normally granted for personal or family emergency situations and will be granted for a specific length of time.

leave request procedure
  • Inform the graduate program advisor of your wish to go on-leave.
  • Submit your written request to the program advisor for review by the program.
  • If approved by the program, submit the Graduate School request for On-leave status (required to be completed by the student).
  • Notify the graduate program advisor, once you've submitted your official request online to the UW Graduate Shool so that it can be finalized and officially approved.
  • Request for leave of absence on a quarterly basis*

*If you do not request leave on a quarterly basis, you will be held to the reinstatement procedure and incur an increased fee as stated in the Graduate School Memo No. 9. Taking summer quarter off does not require a leave request.

Leave and reinstatements are recorded in your electronic file for monitoring. When you are ready to return, meet with the graduate program advisor who will review process and inform MN curriculum committee chair.


Eligibility for reinstatement

Graduate students who are not enrolled and who have not maintained “on leave” status are automatically withdrawn from the University. The policy and procedure for establishing “on leave” status is found in The Graduate School Memo No. 9.  The Graduate School allows six years to complete requirements for a master’s degree and ten years for doctoral degree. Periods spent On-Leave or out of status are included in these limits.  Graduate programs may choose to waive these time limits or require students to submit a new program application. Formerly matriculated students must meet The Graduate School criteria for Reinstatement Eligibility (

 Reinstatement procedure

(Note to CCC and faculty readers:  The details of this policy are largely lifted from the previous Leave request and reinstatement memo approved by faculty in 2016.  I added a little more detail and combined three procedures based on time out of program into a single procedure.

  1. Formerly matriculated students who have not maintained graduate student status (either through not submitting an on-leave request each quarter or not registering) should contact their program advisor for consultation regarding options. 
  2. Program advisor meets with student to confirm reinstatement eligibility as outlined by The Graduate School.
  3. The student submit the online Request for Reinstatement via MyGrad Program.  The student will receive a confirmation email that the request has been submitted.
  4. The student submits a written request for reinstatement, including the reason for lapse in registration or on-leave status, a statement of future goals, and a plan for program completion, at least three weeks prior to the quarter for which reinstatement is requested.  Exceptions for shorter timelines may be accepted at the discretion of the program.  Students who have been absent for longer than two years or who were not in good academic standing prior to departure, should request reinstatement at least five weeks prior to the anticipated return.
  5. For students who have been absent from the program for one year (4 quarters) or less and were in good academic standing at the time of departure, the request must be approved by the Director of Nursing or the Chair of the MNCC.
  6. For students who have been absent from the program for one to two years (5-8 quarters) and were in good academic standing at the time of departure, the request must be approved by the vote of the MNCC, or by the Chair of the MNCC and the Director of Nursing, or by the previously assigned Scholarly Chair and the Director of Nursing..
  7. For students who have been absent from the program for more than two years (9 or more quarters) or who were not in good academic standing (had a GPA less than 3.0) at the time of departure, the request must be approved by vote of the MNCC. 
  8. Student petitions are evaluated on the basis of anticipated success, articulated future goals, and space available.
  9. Students will receive notification of the program’s decision by email.  Students being reinstated may be required to take additional coursework to address changes in the curriculum during their absence.  An academic performance contract may be required for those previously not in good academic standing or at the discretion of the program.
  10. Once the program has approved the request, the student returns to MyGrad Program to pay the Reinstatement Fee. The student will receive a confirmation email and subsequently another email that the reinstatement has been processed and their registration status is “active.”
  11. The student must register for the quarter of reinstatement in order to maintain active status.

This policy is congruent with UW SON Memo No.9

Replaces UWB School of Nursing and Health Studies MN Leave and Reinstatement policy

Approved December 2016, revised Autumn 2018
Approved with local procedure: Autumn 2018