Master of Nursing

Graduation requirements

Graduation and final examination 

Eligibility for graduation with your Master of Nursing degree is determined by satisfactory completion of all Graduate School and Nursing program requirements and the final examination.

You must initiative the process of awarding your degree by completing the following steps including the completion of your final written and oral examinations. 


Steps to initiate the award of your degree for  graduation

  1. Submit a request for your Master of Nursing degree during the quarter in which you wish to graduate. Submission of the request is a student responsibility and must be submitted between the first and last day of the quarter. Failure to complete the online request as stated will result in the requirement to register for coursework the next quarter, ultimately postponing the completion of your degree and incurring more tuition expense*.  It is recommended to submit the request upon the start of your final quarter.
  2. All requirements for the degree must be met by the end of the current quarter fro the request to be approved. You will be is notified of deficiencies by the Graduate School.
  3. The degree Warrant is issued by the Graduate School to the Graduate Nursing Adviser.
  4. The Graduate Nursing Adviser gives the Warrant to your Scholarly Chair and reader for signatures at the final exam

*The Graduate School requires that you maintain registration as a full-time, three-quarter time or part-time graduate student for the quarter the degree is to be conferred.

For complete details and review of the official policy and procedure, review the Graduate School Memo No. 46

Final examination

In accordance with the Graduate School graduation and final exam policy, your final examination may be a combination of a written and oral work and must be passed. The UW Bothell Master of Nursing program final examination is both written and oral.

The written component is submitted to your Scholarly Committee for approval prior to the oral presentation presented at the Master of Nursing Symposium and scheduled for early June. Alternatively, if you are not graduating in June, you will present at the end of the quarter in which you are graduating. 

The UW Bothell Master of Nursing program final examination is an oral presentation at the Master of Nursing Symposium open to the public and scheduled for early June. 

The final examination results are reported to the Graduate School by the last day of the quarter in which degree requirements are met. Your Scholarly Committee members must sign your master's degree Warrant generated by your request for a master's degree. This takes place upon completion of your oral presentation at the MN Symposium.

You are encouraged to invite professional colleagues, family and loved ones.  Depending on the number of students, the Symposium will lbe over the course of one to two days. For June 2019, student should hold both Thursday and Friday, June 10 and 11 between 8:00-5:00 pm until further notice.

International students

Review the ISS final quarter registration information and checklist.

UW Bothell nursing pins

While Master of Nursing program does not have a pinning ceremony, graduates are encouraged to order a nursing pin in time to wear to the University Commencement in June.  Please see “How to Order Nursing Pins” for instructions. 



For complete details and review of the official policy and procedure, review the Graduate School memo No. 46  Memo 46: Graduate Degree Requirements 



MN Symposium  2019

Students and guests should hold both Thursday and Friday, June 10 and 11, 8:00-5:00 pm and note the location; UW Bothell Rose Room. Exact days and times wil lbe forthcoming closer to June.  

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