Master of Nursing

Graduate Faculty


Master of Nursing graduate faculty 

You may have other affiliate faculty teach some of your MN coursework that are not listed here.
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  • Dr. Eric Stoerm Anderson (AKA Stoerm), Senior Lecturer
    Location: UW1-242 Phone: 425.352.3228 Email:
  • Dr. Annie Bruck, Senior Lecturer
    Location: UW1-246Phone: 425.352.3206 Email:
  • Dr. Dan Bustillos, Assistant Professor
    Location: UW1-233 Phone: 425.352.3542 Email:
  • Dr. Shari Dworkin, Professor and Dean
    Location: UW1-211E Phone: 425.352.5396 Email:
  • Dr. Jody Early, Associate Professor
    Location: UW1-241 Phone: 425.352.5323 Email:
  • Dr. Mabel Ezeonwu. Associate Professor
    Location: UW1-155 Phone: 425.352.3815 Email:
  • Dr. Meghan Eagen-Torkko, Assistant Professor
    Location: UW1-255 Phone425.352.5328 Email:
  • Dr. Linda Eaton, Assistant Professor 
    Location: UW1-153 Phone: 425-352-3645 Email: 
  • Dr. Nora Kenworthy, Assistant Professor
    Location: UW1-238 Phone: 425.352.3621 Email:
  • Dr. Grace Lasker, Senior Lecture
    Location: UW1-237 Phone: 425.352.5060 Email: glasker@uw.ed
  • Dr. Katryna McCoy, Assistant Professor
    Location: UW1-246 Phone: 425.352.3651 Email:
  • Dr. Selina Mohammed, Professor and Associate Dean
    Location: UW1-147 Phone: 425.352.3619 Email:
  • Dr. Jamie Shirley, Senior Lecturer and Director of Nursing
    Location: UW1-242 Phone: 425.352.3315 Email:
  • Dr. Andrea Stone, Assistant Professor

    Location:  UW1-232 Phone: 425.352.5224 Email:

  • Dr. Chris Wade, Associate Professor
    Location: UW1-230 Phone: 425.352.5322 Email:
  • Dr. Maureen (Mo) West, 
    Location: UW1-237 Phone: 425-352-5366 Email: 
  • Dr. Jerelyn Resnick, Senior Lecturer Emeritus