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Non-Nursing and GNM student registration

Graduate course enrollment for non-nursing majors and graduate non-matriculated students

The School of Nursing and Health Studies offers opportunities for learning open to UW graduate students and non-degree seeking students (graduate non-matriculated students).

Current UW graduate students

If you are a current UW student of Bothell, Seattle or Tacoma, we welcome your interest in our coursework as a non-nursing major. To enroll in one of our graduate courses, you need to obtain prior permission from the course instructor.

To request permission, please contact the instructor directly. Review our graduate faculty directory for contact information and the UW Bothell Time Schedule to identify which instructor to contact.

If you need further assistance, contact the MN graduate program advisor, Celinda Smith at, or by phone at 425-352-3530.

Graduate non-matriculated students

Once admitted as a graduate non-matriculated student, register for the coursework using your MyUW. A course entry code and faculty permission may be required. The MN graduate program advisor can assist with this. Tuition and fees are available online and due the third Friday of the quarter per UW Bothell guidelines. Please review the UW Bothell academic calendars for all pertinent information such as deadlines, start and end dates, course add/drop dates, and tuition due dates. 

Be sure to work with the MN Graduate Program Advisor when selecting coursework for later transfer into the MN program. 

If you are later admitted to a UW graduate degree program, you can apply up to 12 credits earned as a GNM student toward degree requirements.

Graduate program advising and assistance 

The MN Graduate Program Advisor can assist in reviewing course options with you as a UW non-nursing student or a as UW graduate non-matriculated student. You can reach the advisor, Celinda Smith via email at, by phone at 425-352-3530, or by using the online scheduling tool to schedule or phone or in-person appointment.

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Student resources

UW Bothell Academic Calendar (includes tuition due dates, start and end dates, etc.)

Tuition and fees (costs)

Course Descriptions (catalog)

UW Bothell Time Schedule (See School of Nursing and Health Studies)

Graduate faculty directory (emails, location and phone numbers)