Master of Nursing

Final Examination

Final examination for the MN program

In accordance with the UW Graduate School final examination policy, eligibility for graduation with your Master of Nursing degree is determined by satisfactory completion of all Graduate School and Nursing program requirements in form of a final examination, which is not a test.

Final examination requirements for the MN program

The final examination consists of three elements; a final fieldwork log, a written narrative, and a public oral presentation as outlined below. Please discuss any questions you have with your Scholarly Chair and submit material as directed by your Chair.

Final fieldwork log 

You will submit a final fieldwork log. It should document the dates of your fieldwork, the total hours, location(s), preceptor(s) and include a summary of activities.  This log should reflect a minimum of one hundred hours. 

Final narrative

You will compose a final narrative. This written element is a narrative synthesis of your work during the program to achieve your identified competencies. The narrative reflects on the various elements included in your portfolio and considers your future role as an advanced practice nurse. This narrative is developed over the final two quarters of the program as guided by your Scholarly Chair and Committee. 

Oral presentation at the annual MN Symposium

You will present an oral version of your narrative as a public presentation at the annual Master of Nursing Symposium.  Your Chair will provide you with the presentation guidelines and expections. 

This Symposium is open to the public and scheduled for early June each year.  (Alternatively, if you are not graduating in June, you will present at the end of the quarter in which you are graduating). You are encouraged to invite professional colleagues, family and loved ones. 

For Spring 2020 graduest, the MN Symposium is scheduled for June 10th and 11th, 2020  (Wednesday and Thursday) between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For complete details and review of the official policy and procedure, review the Graduate School memo 13.


MN Symposium 
Spring 2020

Students and guests should hold Wednesday and Thursday, June 10th and June 11th, 2020 from 9:00 am-4:00 pm for the Spring 2020 MN Symposium.


Locatoin:UW Bothell Rose Room, 2nd floor, UW1