Master of Nursing

Academic Warning

Mid-quarter academic warning


A warning notice is given if you are doing less than satisfactory work during the quarter. A warning notice must be given if you are in danger of not making satisfactory progress or you have less than a 2.7 grade at mid-quarter.

The purpose of the notice is to notify you of the difficulty in ample time so you may work to improve your grade to meet satisfactory academic progress and identify support services. You will be asked to sign the warning notice, indicating that you have read it.  You may note on the form the extent to which you agree or disagree. Warning forms are placed in your file, but are removed upon graduation.


  • You will receive a notice in form of a warning-card from the professor of the course. This may be sent using email.
  • You will be asked acknowledge the notice by signing it. You have the right to respond to the notice if you disagree and/or have feedback.
  • The notice is placed in the your electronic educational file and removed upon graduation. 

If you receive a warning notice, be sure to have a conference with the instructor so that you have a clear view of what the problem is and how you may best move forward.