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Published MFA theses can be located and downloaded in the UW Libraries ResearchWorks Archive. You may search this archive using the UW Library DatabasePlease note: students may opt to sequester their work for a period of 1-5 years: not all theses will be publicly accessible.

2019 Theses

Woogee Bae

Aya Bram BonnLuders
North of Nothing

Peter Buller

Amy Jones
AOTA: all of the above

Reed Lowell
The Summer Years

dana middleton
the corridor closes at both ends

Virginia Soileau
Versus Jane Doe

2018 Theses

Jacq Marie Babb

Michael Warren Bagby
Weighing Words

Cristina Cortez

Jessica Hagy

Dylan Hogan
The Streets Around Here Tell You Exactly Where You Are

Mitchell Kopitch
Din's Grimoire: Of Games, Gender, Memories, and Self-Acceptance

Amanda Lybeck
Black Lake

Tomm McCarthy
Selections from Dakopeta

Subha Nair
To the Moon I Go and Other Stories

Katelyn Oppegard
Near Before and After

2017 Theses

Yohandra Cabello
The Anatomical Grip

Denise Calvetti Michaels
The Things Downriver

Brent Cox
The River Twice

Terrell Fox    
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Amanda Hurtado

Joshua Osborn
Mother, Memory, Monotony

Liezel Moraleja Hackett    

Nicole McCarthy
​The Blueprints of Memory

Allison Morton    
The Missing Hour

September Thorlin
A Nursery Rhyme from Another Summer

Cora Walker
Hindsight 2050

2016 Theses

Ben Burland
The Tuck

Andrew Carson
Self Taut

Ellen Donnelly
Bag of Flesh

Tracy Jane Gregory

Andy Hoffman
Black Medicine

Anthony Johnson

Greg S. Prichard

Dave Sanders

Carol Anderson Shaw
On My Mind

David Shrauger
Images of a Broken World

Natalie Singer-Velush
California Calling

Deborah Taylor-Hough
A[not]her Nature

Jack Wyss
Divine Immolation

Kaitlin Young

2015 Theses

Sarah Baker
Water's Work

Breka Blakeslee
Probably It Will Not Be Okay

Scott Brown
Private Browsing

Laura Burgher
The Researcher's Book of Her/mes

Denise Coville
Poor, Tiny, Beautiful Little Reggie

Lynarra Featherly
The Feminology of Spirit

Samuel Iniguez
HisJazzRaptoMe: Hip Hop Vignettes & Quarter Waters

Colin McArthur
The Boatman of Hades

Megan McGinnis
Newness and Nowness: The Unfolding of My Feminism and Feminity

Penny Quinteros
Toeing the Line: A Short Story Collection

Travis Sharp
Love Poems to the Poet's Body

Todd Simmons
Still We Rise: The Burden of Existence as the Foundational Necessity for the Poetics of Service

Christine Smith
The Spirit Cabinet

2014 Theses

Ellen Bauer
Ordinary Saints and Monsters

Marcus Bingham

John Boucher
The Chirurgeon

Susan Marie Brown
Love & Courage: Historic Fiction

Chelsea Carter
Read Without Listening 

Margaret Chiavetta
Untitled Collection of Essays

Sandy D’Entremont
The Beauty of Molokai'i

Kelle Grace Gaddis
Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea

Aimee Harrison
Autoorthography: identity poetics with poetry

Andrew Huskamp
Tales from Here and There

Lauren Light

Jay Loomis
Blade Against the Heart

Rev.Tiare L. Mathison
A~Mash~Up:  A Poetics of Defiance in the Age of the Internet of Everything

Michael Paschall
phrases of the moon

Billy Phillips
Fractured Poetics

Talena Lachelle Queen

J.D. Satlin
A Poetics of Miscommunication

Diana Savora
Quivering Tongues

Kat Seidemann