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Welcome to the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics!

Save the Dates!

Thursday, September 27, 5:45 pm. A general orientation to the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics will take place in the context of your first class BCWRIT 512 Art, Technology, Practice with Ted Hiebert.

Friday, September 28, 7:00 pm. Elliot Bay Book Company partners with the MFA to host "Alternating Facts: A Convergence Reading" in Seattle. 

Saturday, September 29, 9:00 am-6:00 pm.  Join the MFA for the 2018 Fall Convergence on Alternating Facts. Registration requested. 


See Current First-Year Courses for your course requirements and listings.

Visit the MFA Registration page for instructions on how to register.

Program Communications

Listservs: The listserv for your cohort has now been updated with all of your UW email addresses. The cohort-specific one (see my email) will be the listserv we use to communicate program information, class information, dates and deadlines, and more. If you wish to use this to communicate with your cohort-mates, you are welcome to do so, however please keep in mind that the Grad Office staff and the MFA Director receive these emails. The first time you send an email to this list your email may be held for moderation causing a delay, but after that first time you should be all set. There is a second listserv that you’ve been added to (see my email) which is for both cohorts of MFA students.

Other Email Accounts:

  • Calls for Submission: We manage two additional email accounts that you will now begin to receive messages from. The first is “Calls for Submission”. We use this account to forward calls for submission from magazines, journals, websites, contests, etc. to the current MFA students and alumni. These forwards should not be considered endorsements from the MFA program, but simply notifications should you wish to submit your work.
  • Funding: The second email account we manage is “Funding”. From this email address you’ll receive notifications of funding opportunities both within and outside of UW. You may see scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, teaching posts, etc. from this email account. Some posts may be relevant for you while others may not be so use your own filters. 

Please contact the IAS Graduate Office at or 425-352-3406 with questions about the MFA program.